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Published on July 4th, 2015 | by Zachary Shahan


Solar News, Renewable News, Climate News (Link Drop)

July 4th, 2015 by  

It’s the weekend! Time for another big solar energy, wind energyenergy efficiency, climate, etc, link drop. Enjoy!


  1. Solar Power Pros And Cons: Is Solar Power Worth It?
  2. World Economy Decoupled From Emissions Thanks In Part To Solar
  3. Will There Be a PV Module Supply Shortage by the End of 2015?
  4. California Reaches Compromise on Utility Residential Rate Reform
  5. Why the DOE Is Going Big On Community Shared Solar
  6. NASA Satellite Images Show the Rapid Expansion of Utility-Scale Solar in China
  7. Latin America Solar Update: PV Activity in Brazil Ramps Up
  8. Update: Sunrun Announces Pricing of Its Securitized Portfolio of Residential Solar Rooftops
  9. Yingli Announces Project Bonds For Chinese Public; Will Create Online Financing Portfolio
  10. The Solar Photon Scooter by Daymak, an All-New Multi-Functional Electric Scooter Now Available on Kickstarter
  11. A Truly Affordable & Efficient Solar Vehicle

Renewables (Combined & Other)

  1. Coal Power Down,Renewables Up In Germany
  2. 100% Renewable Energy – Embracing The “Exponential Growth Of Solutions”
  3. Construction Begins On Australia’s Lowest-Cost Wind Farm
  4. Volkswagen Uses Wind Turbines To Help Sell e-Golf – Didn’t Get Abbott’s Memo
  5. Bill Gates Plans To Invest $2 Billion In New Renewable Technology. That’s Not A Great Idea.
  6. Leaked EU Power Market Design Document
  7. Incentivizing What€’s Already Happening
  8. Is Germany Reliant On Foreign Nuclear Power?
  9. Germany’s Energy Transition Is Not An Island Of Its Own
  10. German Government Claims Responsibility For Lower Power Prices
  11. Biomass – The Growth Is Over In Germany

Energy Efficiency

  1. How To Get A Greener Kitchen
  2. What Is R-Value and What Does It Mean To You?
  3. Optimizing Your Radiator For Efficiency: How To Bleed The Line
  4. Furnace Filter Options: Best Choices For Health & Efficiency
  5. How To Clean The Burn Sensor On Your Furnace
  6. How To Dust & Clean Your Furnace Motor For Optimum Energy Efficiency


  1. Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Breakthrough Could Cut Cost 50%
  2. The World’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions In One Graphic
  3. Effects of Global Warming on Humans – From 2015 IPCC AR5 Data
  4. China Begins The Long March To Paris
  5. These Images Show Why China Could Be Ready To Save Climate Politics
  6. Clean Coal Suffers Another Setback As Yet More CCS Projects Fold
  7. Sir David Attenborough To Obama: ‘The Natural World Is Part Of Your Inheritance’
  8. Infographic: An Interfaith Call for Climate Action
  9. Divest the Vatican
  10. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Message To People Who Think Pope Francis Shouldn’t Talk About Climate Change
  11. Most Frequent Questions About Climate Change On Google
  12. Microsoft HoLoLens Lets Architects See In 3-D
  13. Google Earth Turns 10
  14. LEGO Plans Sustainable Building Blocks
  15. Green Boot Camp For Middle School Teachers
  16. Bill Maher Interviews EPA Chief Gina McCarthy
  17. Germany’s Next Nuclear Plant Closes For Good
  18. Easy Upcycling: How To Update A Mirror And Frame With A Can Of Spray Paint

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  • Ivor O’Connor

    You know I actually appreciate these “dumps” Zach. Many of the links I would have missed. Thanks.

    • Awesome to hear. 😀

      I used to think they weren’t that well received, since I could see that individual articles didn’t get a lot of clicks. But I realized this year that these link drops actually get a lot of views quite often, so I figure people find them useful and just selectively follow their own interests with them.

      I try to believe that going through hundreds of stories a day can be put to maximum good use via these extra roundups. 😀

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