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The Top 100 People Shaping Cleantech on Twitter

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Originally published on Wunder Capital.

…And you’re probably not following most of them.

You won’t find Elon Musk on this list. Nor will you find Bill Gates. While both are influential, you already know who they are and this isn’t a list of the obvious. Instead, we have uncovered lesser known individuals who are shaping the future of #cleantech day after day.


As we do with our commercial solar due diligence process we looked at multiple sources of information to paint a complete picture. Data was drawn from Klout, Followerwonk, wefollow, twtrland, SocialRank, andSocialMention, augmented with a deeper dive into hashtags, mentions, and favorites.


  • Tweets have to be attributable to an individual and not a company, organization, or publication.
  • The majority of tweets have to be about the advancement of cleantech or clean energy.
  • By our best guess, at least 50% of the person’s time is spent working in the cleantech sector.

The result is a list of 100 people influencing energy policy, investing in renewables, researching new ideas, and putting forth arguments in blogs, publications, and 140 characters across the planet.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know. Follow them all here via our 100 in Cleantech list.

The Thinkers

Cleantech advancement can be credited to research, ideas, and experimentation. The thinkers are those responsible for asking the right questions – and finding the right answers.


The Investors

Without capital, there is no cleantech. Angels, VCs and institutional investors alike are committing millions of dollars to the next big idea. These are the folks financing a cleaner future.

The Doers

From CEOs to communication specialists, from entrepreneurs to engineers, the doers work in the trenches of cleantech. And sometimes they tweet about it.


The Writers

Probably the most Twitter-active of the list, these are the individuals covering the industry as it happens. Meet the writers.

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Reprinted with permission.

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