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Published on May 19th, 2015 | by Zachary Shahan


Tesla P85D Review

May 19th, 2015 by  






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  • Michael B

    I think you’ve got that backwards.

  • I will write more with a video to go with it, but there’s really no describing it. I’ve watched and read so much in preparation, and it didn’t matter. With fewer words, the theory is that what you say (or write) has more impact. So I was trying to express the overwhelming response I couldn’t shake from my mind.

    But yeah, more to come once I edit and publish the video.

  • Shane 2

    It’s not April 1st

  • Defendor

    What review? There is no content here.

    • Dag Johansen

      Sure there is. Here’s the review: “Wow…”

  • Bob_Wallace

    Zach is away. I suspect he set up some articles to self post in his absence.

    This may stay short and sweet for a couple more days….

  • Kyle Field

    In other news, I drove a P85D on Friday and was blown away by it. They brought the car to my house for the test drive which was great. Then, the consultant was insistent that I get the 0-60 run “right”, coaching me to “kick” the pedal in vs just push it in quickly. The car has so much punch off the line, it literally made my head a bit fuzzy for the first 2 seconds or so. The technology integration just makes sense with the large 17″ screen feeling very much like a large phone/tablet vs an old school, low tech car. I saw the james bond lotus easter egg live…and my salesman turned out to be the one who leaked it initially ( and was told there is another, yet to be discovered bonus still out there. Very neat experience, great car and great tech.

    I’m looking into a used Model S to replace my prius…or a 200mi leaf but the more I compare, the more the model S seems like a no brainer. Yes, I’m aware that it’s twice the price but it’s soooooo much better on every level.

    • mike_dyke

      Instagram link’s broken.

      I’m looking forward to when I replace my current car in a few years time to trying out the latests EVs at that time 🙂

      • Kyle Field

        Fixed – was an issue with the rear )

        • mike_dyke


    • That is awesome. 😀

      And yeah, I got a bit dizzy I think.

      That is so cool that you so the easter egg live (i forgot about it) and that he found it!

    • Yeah, I was going to settle on the i3 or LEAF, but man, it’s really impossible to compare. There are so many benefits… safety, performance, tech, superchargers….

      • neroden

        So, get yourself a Tesla. You can save a lot of money (about 20% !) by getting an 85D rather than a P85D and frankly most people are sufficiently blown away by the 85D that they don’t feel like they’re missing anything.

        Actually, it looks from your bio like you move around a lot, even between countries and continents, so it might not be so practical for you to own a car, particularly one with high depreciation. Short-term leasing maybe?

        Tesla specifically encourages using the “P” variants for test-drives in order to upsell people to the higher-margin car; it’s hard to find a non-P to test-drive. I can’t fault their marketing strategy. However, I can tell people not to fall for it; the non-Ps are still spectacular, and the “P” makes no difference under any real-world driving conditions other than taking your car on the track.

        • Thanks. Yeah, I’d actually go for the 70D. As people here know, I don’t see so much range as necessary, and the extra performance is fun but I don’t think that important.

          Interestingly, they first told me that it was just the 70D & 85D available for test driving (I reserved a spot the day before), but then they actually had the P85D.

          As far as getting a car, yeah, I’ve been car-free for 11 years, and highly recommend it. But planning to move (back) to Florida and think we’d “need” a car there.

          We’ll see. It’s really hard to shake the Tesla grip now….

  • anderlan

    So fast. Much butt-clench. Such tech. Wow.

  • Vic Hristov

    Is that a teaser?

    • Sort of. But it’s also just the overwhelming response I had, so wanted to emphasize it. Well, that and, “I want to drive it again.

      • eveee

        What? You want to drive a 5 passenger luxury super car? Whatever for? You trying to make more of those videos with people with shocked smiles on their faces?
        You should just post picture of your face after a shocking blast off. That would do it.
        I can just see it now. Great America introduces its latest new ride.
        The Tesla P85.

        • LOL. 😀 Yeah, we’ve got plenty of laughing people in the video. 😀

  • Kyle Field


  • Jim Seko


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