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Published on April 13th, 2015 | by Sponsored Content


Win A Tesla From The Messner Foundation

April 13th, 2015 by  

This post sponsored by the Messner Foundation.

Tesla is in the news everyday for their brilliant innovations in battery storage, their outspoken founder Elon Musk, and because their cars are gorgeous, super efficient electric vehicles that are so easily covetable. But their high price-tag makes it likely that a Tesla car falls into the category of a dream car and not an everyday vehicle. But the Messner Foundation is working to make your dream car wishes come true.

The Messner Foundation has just launched a Tesla Model S raffle, with the proceeds earmarked for helping at-risk high school students become the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. The tickets cost $200 and they are limited to just 5,000 tickets total — not a bad investment considering the car is worth $85,470! Tickets are on sale until June 13, 2015. For more details on the car specifications, please view their raffle site. Not only is this a chance to get one of the best cars on the market to pull into your driveway, but you can feel good knowing that your raffle tickets helps the good work of the foundation.

The Messner Foundation helps underprivileged high school students with recognized leadership traits become leaders in their community and in business. the Foundation works with the students for years to help support them in their education, personal growth and success, with the goal being to cultivate the next generation of leaders. In addition to providing college scholarships to students who may not otherwise have access to higher education, the Messner Foundation provides mentoring and access to internships and jobs. But, as they note on their site, it’s not a ‘blank check’ for students. Instead, they offer personal and professional guidance in the form of internships and jobs with local (Denver) businesses. After Messner Scholars graduate from college, the Messner Foundation provides networks and connections to support Scholars’ goals and ambitions.

The Tesla raffle is probably one of best chances you’ll have to land your dream car, and do some good for some young minds, too. If you’ve always wanted a Tesla and can’t afford a car with that many zeros on the price tag, you can probably afford the  $200 gamble that benefits the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Don’t forget, there are only 5,000 tickets available!  Buy your ticket today!

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