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Tesla Model S Feature Overview (Video)

April 13th, 2015 by  

Below is a Tesla Model S “feature overview.” It comprehensively shares features of the Model S via the car’s touchscreen. The video is frame by technological frame a labor of love — made by a new Tesla owner, of his prized Tesla. I feel the appreciation this man enjoys for each and every detail of the Tesla Model S P85D (the technology package, air suspension, panoramic roof, etc., etc.).

The video producer explains that he watched Tesla videos while counting down the days until his was home, but that there wasn’t something like this out there (and he wanted to see such a video). With this video, he dedicates the show to those waiting for theirs — and they will love the smooth way he flows quietly into the insane launch at the end of the video.

Did this video just warm you up to watch a few more? Tesla videos abound. If you haven’t seen the ones below, though, they are some of our top pics.

Here’s one showcasing a video producer’s magic, with a Tesla Model S as the centerpiece:

Via EV Obsession, here’s one of the upcoming Model X (a test version of it):

And these are really fun ones you should check out: 7 Top Tesla Model S P85D Reaction Videos.

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