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Published on April 11th, 2015 | by Zachary Shahan


Want To Be Inspired? Listen To Liter Of Light’s Illac Diaz (Video Interview)

April 11th, 2015 by  

There were some great contenders in the nonprofit category of the 2015 Zayed Future Energy Prize, but it was always hard to see anyone beating Liter of Light. Just about every time when covered Liter of Light and the basic idea of passive solar lighting in the developed world via plastic bottles, water, and bleach, the story has blown up. Liter of Light built off of that simple yet effective cleantech solution and came up with more crowdsourced solutions that people in these communities can create and implement (themselves) in order to get nighttime lighting (beyond the stars & moon) and improve their standards of living in other ways.

Listening to Liter of Light founder and executive director Illac Diaz, it’s hard not to get very inspired. He glows with it. He’s also super passionate about bottom-up solutions, crowdsourcing, and empowering people. Watch the following interview, which I filmed during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week* just one day after Liter of Light won the 2015 Zayed Future Energy Prize in its category, in order to be inspired and also find out Illac’s plea for help to make an even greater impact.

*Full Disclosure: Masdar covered my trip to Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in 2014 and 2015, and I do some contract work for the clean energy corporation.

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  • Larry

    Great interview. Inspiring message. Let’s keep our “eyes on the prize” and refrain from nit picking about where an interview is held

  • Brooks Bridges

    The article implies: “these communities can create and implement (themselves) in order to get nighttime lighting (beyond the stars & moon) ” but that’s not what L of L does. It is for daytime in closely packed living quarters that have no windows. Now I understand – these quarters are so dark even in full daylight that people need candles or such to see and adding a L of L bulb eliminates a lot of candles, kerosene, etc., burning during day.

    Adding light after dark requires much more expensive (relatively speaking – $20 vs $1) small solar panels and LED’s. Nice that the L of L can charge these small solar panels.

  • jamesjm

    Two things…. When the he could have set up this interview anywhere, he positioned a conglomerate’s corporate logo perfectly over Mr. Diaz’s shoulder. Looks pretty damning that Masdar was either paid, owns shares or doing favors for Pepsi? If you are going to start incorporating logos on your website, start adding disclosure Zach… This visual dumbs down the interview frankly and someone please buy him a better interview mic.

    • Marion Meads

      The mic draped over the shoulder has the logo of the Philipipine Flag. Are you racist jamesjm? Be focused on the content of the interview and not who the sponsors happen to be in the background. Any angle would have sponsor logo everywhere.

      • Scott Gordon

        he was referring to the Pepsi sign not the mic ( BTW its not a mic they are miniature boxing gloves that you can hang from a mirror of your car). he also said he thought is would have been a better interview in a neutral setting without corporate logos or it would look as though he was taking money from peps. he said nothing about the Philippine flag , your comment does not sit well as it look as if you are the racist one.

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