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Published on February 23rd, 2015 | by Sponsored Content


EverCharge Delivers EV Charging Solutions For Apartment Dwellers

February 23rd, 2015 by  

It’s no secret that in America and across the world, people are flocking back to big cities in droves. In the US alone, it’s estimated that about 27% of people live in some sort of apartment situation with shared parking. This can make owning an electric car difficult, especially as plug-in cars become more prevalent and draw more power from the apartment in question.

EverCharge* has a solution, though, as its unique technology learns driver behavior and can dole out the power as needed to drivers, without having to add dozens of new charging station.

Apartment buildings are only wired to draw so much power from the grid, and it’s no secret that Level 2 EV chargers use a LOT of power. While one or two chargers might not make a noticiable difference, having ten plug-in cars charging, all at the same time, could lead to an energy bottleneck that could require tens of thousands of dollars in service upgrades.

Enter EverCharge, which can support up to ten EV chargers without costly infrastructure upgrades to the building by doling out power in a smarter way. EverCharge intelligently divvies up the available energy between all the electric cars plugged into an apartment building. It also keeps track of which people are plugging in and bills them accordingly, so other apartment residents don’t have to foot the bill to keep plug-ins fully charged.

Sure, it’s not the sexiest advancement in electric car technology, but with the number of plug-in cars expected to multiply exponentially, it could become an essential component in many new apartment buildings. With so many people choosing apartment life over home ownership, helping these residents adopt to the plug-in lifestyle will be key in spreading electric cars to the masses. Systems like this will ensure that one day, gas stations will become obsolete as people refill at home instead of at the Quik-E-Mart.

That’s a day I’m sure we can all look forward to.

*This post sponsored by EverCharge.


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