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How Does Tesla’s P85D Compare Against The Audi RS7, BMW M6 GC, & Mercedes CLS63 AMG?

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How does the Tesla Model S P85D compare to other cars in its class, such as the Audi RS7, BMW M6 GC, & Mercedes CLS63 AMG?

Tesla P85D

Good question — and one that’s aided and simplified to a good degree by a wonderful side-by-side comparison of the Audi RS7, BMW M6 GC, & Mercedes CLS63 AMG that just came to my attention. While the comparison doesn’t include Tesla P85D specs, we can easily access those here. Not the same number of stats, but has the key ones, which are listed here for you convenience:

Tesla P85D 2014 Audi RS7 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG S-model
Cost $105,670 $130,000 $145,155 $125,285
0-60 mph 3.2 seconds 3.4 seconds 3.5 seconds 3.2 seconds
Top Speed 155 mph 190 mph 190 mph 186 mph
Efficiency Awesome Sucks Sucks Sucks

The side-by-side comparison concept actually came to our attention via the Tesla Motors Club forum, so a tip of the hat to the user commasign over there.

Not that we didn’t know it already, but it is always nice to see the P85D’s great performance for its cost made clear. 🙂

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Image Credit: Tesla Motors

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  • tim

    tesla sucks so does bmw and audi, the merc was still is and will always be the best ither you like it or not that’s the fact, speed , luxury and everything the best is the benz. grow up people.

  • Paradox

    The Audi RS7 actually starts at the same price as the Tesla, and you get around 450 miles of range on a tank of gas, plus over 50 feet of cargo capacity with the rear seats folded down…

    • Bob_Wallace

      The Tesla S has 79.7 of cargo space with the seats folded down.

      The RS7 may get 450 miles out of a tank of gas, but you have to purchase the gas. Over and over and over….

  • Kirk Hilles

    Gee, thanks for finding stats on a few vehicles. That really doesn’t tell me anything.

  • Great comparison … after Effiency in the table, another row “Energy Cost per Mile” would explain the ‘sucks $$’.

  • Gabriel Herget

    How long and how far the car drive with one battery charge.
    The buyer should know it.

  • Honest, and you know it’s true

    The Tesla and Audi RS7 is awesome! bmw sucks..

  • BKirk

    I love Tesla as much as anyone, they are a truly revolutionary company. That being said, if price is one of the only things your going to list then it should be noted that a well optioned Tesla P85D is in fact much closer to 135k and not 105k. The price of the M6 is fully loaded. Keep it an apples to apples comparison so we don’t look like super homers lol.

  • D Barker

    How the model s wasn’t even considered for car of the year is beyond me but, I guess you need to be able to make a half a million of them to get that kind of recognition.

    • It was car of the year in many major publications when it came out. Think it just didn’t qualify since it wasn’t new last year.

      • D Barker

        Sure I guess that make sense but, is the golf a new one? Looks like last years model

  • Bob_Wallace

    Where’s the safety comparison?

    • Would have been good to add… a key buying decision for many people.

  • It wasn’t written by Tesla, Joseph.

  • Greg

    The comparative value in other countries is much higher, since in many markets manufacturers add a large premium.

    In the US it is $105k (Model S P85D) vs $145k (BMW M6 Gran Coupe)
    … but in Australia it’s A$160k (P85D) vs A$320k (BMW).

    I wonder if that relative improvement will impact sales.

    • Ezzy

      Couldn’t you just import a Model S yourself if Tesla doesn’t sell it locally themselves? They don’t sell it over here either yet and so the base price for a 60 kWh Model S is $123k from an importer, when you can get one online from Tesla for $65k+5% tax for EV’s and pick it up form Holland or Germany, or arrange for a transport.

  • silvrado

    I got some news for you. No buyer of these German cars cares about fuel efficiency. So don’t try to sell the Tesla on its stellar Fuel efficiency in THIS market. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tesla over the Germans for how bold and innovative it is. Just stop with this silly German bashing already. It doesn’t look good on us Tesla fans.

    • Peter Gordon

      Lots of people buy Teslas over the German cars because it is much cleaner but lots of people buy it because it is just better too.

      That’s why the Tesla outsells them all in the US.

      • Stephen Spackman

        Telsa is not out selling them in the US. Mercedes alone is outselling Telsa by 3 cars to one.

        • Peter Gordon

          You are wrong.

          Tesla outsells all its gasoline competitors in the US

          Tesla sold about 3500 Model S in December while the Mercedes S Class sold about 1000 less than that. Tesla beats BMW and Audi in its class by even quite a bit more.

    • A lot of people, especially Germans, care a great deal about cutting pollution and global warming emissions, which efficiency is a proxy for. They may or may not care about the fuel savings, but I’m sure many of them care about a livable climate and better public health.

      • dwduck

        Unless you’re a Chinese strip miner.

  • mlaskac

    comparsion in towing. tesla 0, audi 1800, bmw 1850, mercedes 1600.

    • Peter Gordon

      Towing is insignificant to the demand of these cars which is why the Tesla outsells them all.

      You are also completely wrong about Tesla Model S being able to tow.

      Direct from GCR: Yes, Teslas Can Tow: Model S Trailer Hitch Installation (Video)

    • djr417

      comparison in towing? really? whats next- complaining it doesnt float too?

      • WPN

        It doesn’t fly, wash my windows, cook me dinner or change a babies diaper….

        Any other red-herring idiotic shoe-horn, outlier, ridiculous arguments out there????

  • dogphlap dogphlap

    Well done James and commasign.

  • Joseph Dubeau

    The article is about bashing Audi, BMW, Mercedes. It is not news.
    It more like paid advertisement. How sad for Tesla to sinking to such low levels.

    • RobMF

      I’d much rather have a Tesla than any of these other vehicles. The best car is the moral choice. Who’d a thunk it?

      • “The best car is the moral choice. Who’d a thunk it?”

    • Marius Mauß

      I think saying this is paid is a bit rash. I mean if I would pay for advertisement I would expect something better than this. I mean look at that “Efficiency-Stat” 😀

      I think the message this article should have carried that the Tesla Model S P85D is in its marketsegment more than competitve is a worthwhile news. But this article is not up to the task to get this piece of Information across in an appropriate way.

    • Maxwell Erickson

      Believe me, Tesla would never pay for something lie this. They don’t have the money to spare for advertising. All this article is is the author showing hw much he likes the company (while assisting anyone in the market for a $100,000+ sedan).

      • Fayce Bourque Hammard

        Oh but they have the money, they just don’t need any advertising since the Model S sells like crazy, they can’t yet keep up with the demand.

        • Dylan Thompson

          And why can’t they keep up with demand, Fayce? 😉

          • WPN

            They are PRODUCTION constrained. Anyone who can read/research the facts can find that out. Try it for a change.

          • Dylan Thompson

            I guess I’ll have to spell it out.

            How do you increase production? – More machines, more robots, more factories, more employees, more materials, etc. In the world I live in, those things cost time and money. Time and money Tesla, unfortunately, does not have at the moment.

          • Bob_Wallace

            Tesla is building a battery factory which should come on line in a couple of years. They recently bought a large factory site in the Manteca/Lathrop area.

            It appears to be time more than money.

          • Naworb McGee

            Tesla production is increasing at 100% year over year. There’s only so fast any company can grow without logistical issues.

    • Farmer_Dave

      Tesla doesn’t (and doesn’t need to) pay for advertising. They are production-constrained, and sell every car they can produce.

    • Exotics

      every car that exists is a joke compared to the Tesla. Engines = ICE Age

      and Tesla doesn’t pay for advertising. Their car sells itself because its that damn good.

      • phil mc phil

        electric motors aren’t space aged either, look at Subways, Diesel Locomotives, Some boats. they use electric motors, some in conjunction with internal combustion engines. batteries are complete junk, they have a very short life span compared to a hollow metal box, they take hours versus minutes to refill, they are less convenient, they are heavier — impaired handling of the Tesla versus the Germans. batteries are junk.

        • Lacci

          Batteries are the present and the future. Germans (BMW 3, etc.)start selling their PHEVs with batteries and electric motor this year. They WILL switch to allelectric in years. Good bye ICE.

        • Raphael Sturm

          And thats why i sit here with my diesel powered Laptop and my Petrol Phone!
          Btw, teslas handling is superb! And I say this as a German and BMW driver. Compared to your other Cars you Americans should be proud of the Model S!
          Drove a Mustang once, it tried to kill me in every corner!
          But at your roads you would not fell the difference between an 911 and a hotrod. (Ford Focus is kinda good…)

        • WPN

          Please immediately throw away every battery powered device you own and move into a dark cave. Luddite.

    • Morten Krogh

      Just reality…

    • Peter Gordon

      Tesla had nothing to do with this article, genius.

      They don’t advertise but Mercedes, Audi and BMW do.

      How sad they have to sink to such levels.

    • Xanadu Karanu

      Maybe the article is about bashing the Three German. But that is exactly how I see it. This is coming from a former Audi and BMW owner.

      • It’s just about putting the value of the P85 into context, not about bashing the other companies.

        • Xanadu Karanu

          I thought so. I meant, I totally agree with it.

    • Astrogirl1usa

      Tesla did not post this review. I love Tesla and I was disappointed that it was not a real comparison. Tesla Motors would never post anything not done in a unbiased non-scientific manner. So, no they did not have anything to do with this post. Did you really fall for this? You really thought Tesla did this? How sad for you.

    • Huh? Tesla had nothing to do with this. (The Tesla forum is independent from the company.) This is not about bashing other companies, but about showing how great the value of a P85D is, something I’m sure many readers greatly appreciate.

    • apellon

      or maybe its just a tesla fan that got carried away ….. but anyway they didnt compare a few things that are more important when buying a tesla —– tesla is not only about hardware , but software —- u got a auto pilot , a fireware to add app and have cool stuff and mostlikely app u ll be able to lunch from ur iwatch , like coming to pick u up wich actually was announced before BMW by tesla …. endless possibilities … also NO GAZ , free tesla stations – or just plug it at home-

    • WPN

      Tesla did not write this article. So your “sad for Tesla” comment is off-base and wrong. By the way, why are you so concerned about bashing the ICE manufacturers. The could have innovated, they could have done what Tesla has done. Tesla even gave away their patents to spur EV competition. Instead of leading (as Tesla is DOING) they are following. Any perceived “bashing” is your own opinion. I would call it a simple case of an iconoclastic AMERICAN technologically forward thinking and daring company creating the best 4-door sedan money can buy versus the archaic ICE machine manufacturers doing the same old tired archaic thing INSTEAD of innovating. Now that is SAD, but true.

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