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Published on December 30th, 2014 | by James Ayre


Angry At People Who Park In Front Of EV Chargers? This Flyer Should Make You Smile

December 30th, 2014 by  

Have you ever made your way to a public EV charging station only to find that someone has parked their gas-guzzling non-EV right in front of it? Still pissed off about it? Lol, then I have just the thing for you. A kindred spirit on the Tesla Motors Club forum recently posted this wonderful print-out flyer:

ICEd EV parking flyer

Now I know what your thinking — “this will only make the person angry, and might make them key my car” — and I mostly agree. This probably isn’t a good solution to the issue. But the sentiment expressed is certainly one that I’d guess many EV users can relate to (or is that just me?!?¿¡!).

Despite the joking here, the issue discussed (often referred to as ICEing) is one that is worth discussing seriously. As two of the commenters on the original forum topic noted (tip of the hat to Barry and NigelM), while print-out flyers such as this may have some effect (whether good or bad), the only thing that really seems to motivate the majority of people on issues such as this (“educating” them, as it were) is hitting them in the pocketbook.

An approach that some states/cities/towns have started to implement. The use of fines has been historically one of the only effective ways to get people to respect disability parking spots, “don’t touch the bus driver,” etc. So, that’s where my money is, as far as selecting an effective response to ICEing.

Here’s one such law that was passed back in 2012 in Florida (as posted on the forum):

“It is unlawful for a person to stop, stand, or park a vehicle that is not capable of using an electric recharging station within any parking space specifically designated for charging a vehicle. If a law enforcement officer finds a motor vehicle in violation of this subsection, the officer or specialist shall charge the operator or other person in charge of the vehicle in violation with a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as provided in s. 316.008(4) or s. 318.18.”

Now I feel like if Florida of all places can pass a law like that, that most of the country should be able to.

What do our readers think about this whole topic? More harm than good as far as the flyer up above goes?

(A tip of the hat to AmpedRealtor for the printout flyer and forum discussion)

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  • Neel

    Every State/Province should pass the same Law as Florida then it would become just like Handicap spots.

  • The charging company organization should provide, in big print, on every charger, the number of the specific person/office to call at the local city hall, etc. so that it’s easy for the EV driver to get to the person who is in charge of enforcement. Then, it’s got to be enforced via fines. 90%, maybe 95% of Americans have no clue about EVs — it’s truly amazing to me, and other EV advocates/drivers — because they’re hundreds of thousands of plug ins in the U.S. now. An angry sign isn’t going to help — though more people driving EVs will. Enforcement is the only way to go — and it’s a revenue stream for cities/muncipalities — they should jump on it!

    • BillinDetroit

      EVs are still in the realm of “maybe someday” for most people … it’s not like most of us could, with the exception of a TESLA, even name a single make of EV.

      Sorry … but you just haven’t made that big of a dent in the market yet. Now you know what it’s like to use Linux … the clearly superior operating system that only has about a 5-10% market penetration (much better penetration than EVs), so companies like Quicken don’t bother to port their software to work with it. (It’s okay, the longer they delay, the better OUR alternative software gets … and it’s been ready for prime-time for several years now.)

  • Burnerjack

    Appealing to an inconsiderate person’s sense of right/wrong is just silly. Fines might help, post their plate will do NOTHING.
    Want a REAL deterrent? Try “This location is for charging EVs only. This sight is monitored 24/7. Violators will be towed PROMPTLY at owner’s expense. Call 1-800-DOUCHED (368-2433) For instructions for location of impound yard and cost. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

    • Bob_Wallace


      And post a list of what it cost previous violators to get their cars out of impound. Including the cab fare to the impound lot way out of town.

      • Keza

        I am a prick, call them for what they are, “IGNORANT BASTARDS”, then tow them to another suburb!

    • BillinDetroit

      Ya know what, the tow trucks make money every time they hook up. Call the tow service yourself.

      • Burnerjack

        That’s a GREAT point! So obvious! Let the sign say “If this charging station is blocked buy a vehicle not being charged, please call 1-800-We’ll Tow and we will be happy to tow it away at owner’s expense. Thank you for your business.”

  • Kiwiiano

    It’s no different than parking on a handicapped spot or on a bus lane. Tow ’em!!

  • NRG4All

    My first thought was to post the irritating note and then park my LEAF on the other side of the parking lot so the offender won’t know which car posted the note. And I’ve found that very few people can recognize a BEV from an ICE vehicle anyway. Come back later and see if the offender has moved. Hopefully the BEV vehicle was just looking for a “top off” and will be able to make it home, but perhaps without the heat or A/C or will travel below 60 instead of above.

    • Bob_Wallace

      My first thought was to plug the charge cord into the ICEV port, the one behind that little door, and turn on the charger.

      If the charger had a time delay function that would let me get far enough away before things went “BOOM!!!!!”.

      But that wouldn’t be a nice thing to do, would it?

  • k

    it should say “you’ll never see an electric car parked in front of a gas pump, please don’t block our source of fuel”

    • Neel


  • Pat Campbell

    I generally simply wrap the charging cord around the offenders drivers side mirror in a very obvious manner. Kind of brings out a toilet paper on shoe moment for the offender.
    Mild embarrassment I hope. Drive off with the coil still on? I hope not!

    • BillinDetroit

      Good idea, wrong mirror.

  • Larry

    Good idea. Make it illegal to park and ICE vehicle in those spots and include a hefty fine

    • Marion Meads

      Make the fine pay enough for installing a new charger.

      • BillinDetroit

        … and then install it! Next time a single ICE at the charging station won’t be such a burden if there is still one available.

  • Denys Allard

    Other states should pass the Florida law as well. Owners of such properties should have a sign, “EV CHARGING ONLY” all others will be towed at owners expense. Unless there is a threat of financial loss, it won’t sink in.

  • MarTams

    California State and Cities are a black hole for money, they should be able to easily pass laws on this one.

  • Kyle Field

    hah! I looked up some good ones that I could print for the car and found a pretty solid set with different levels of pissed off. First one is just informative…second is slightly more abrasive and the third is just plain mean. Check them out here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/413553/EV%20Parking%20Notes.docx

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