Origins Movie: “The Planet is an Ecosystem of Life, and We Are Part of that Ecosystem”

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The title of this article is a quote from Tom Malterre, co-author of the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, which is online for only a few days (link at bottom or article).

This is a movie about how we have left the natural connection to the planet. The movie investigates how this has happened, the incredible amounts of pollutants that we are exposed to, even as a fetus, and the technology that can help resolve these challenges over time. In short, it is an important case that is made for using renewable energy.

The Origins narrator states: “The macrocosm and the microcosm are reflections of each other, and what we see on a large scale, will inevitably show up on a smaller scale and vice versa. With this in mind, we need to look at the health of our planet in order to understand what is happening in our own lives.” Tom Malterre adds: “We’re up to 74 billion pounds of chemicals being produced or imported into the United States every single day. That’s 250 pounds per person per day…. That number does not even include pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fuels and food additives…. So, what are we doing? We are swimming now in chemicals.”

Dave Asprey, Founder of The Bulletproof Executive, contributes: “A lot of these chemicals have never been tested for safety and we eat low levels of this every day in our food supply that we did not evolve to consume.”

Cliff Hodges, founder of Adventure Out, teaches how to live in the wilderness. He discusses how human beings create tools and technology, but “… when you study technology in a wilderness situation, I think it really shows a glaring example of why you need to make technology sustainable because out here [in the wild] if you’re doing something that’s damaging the ecosystems, you’re directly threatening your ability to live.”

Are carbon-producing systems causing systemic health issues? Are people going to die in greater numbers to come if we don’t take corrective measures now? Might we be able to resolve some of these issues with renewable energy?

Are the chemicals, antibiotics, and other unnatural ingredients damaging humans at a core level? Are these things contributing immune deficiencies, reduced fertility, stress, depression, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases? Might we be able to resolve some of these diseases by movement, exercise, and changing our diet to a live plant-based diet?

How this movie relates to clean renewable energy comes down to the impact that pollution from dirty energy and other chemicals have on our bodies and mitochondrial DNA, which is responsible for converting “chemical energy in food into a form that cells can use” for movement and even thinking. Summer Bock, fermentationist and herbalist, comments: “Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells. They are responsible for producing the energy of the body.” Tom Malterre adds: “It happens that to be that the mitochondrial DNA is extremely susceptible to damage… out of the 87,000+ industrial chemicals that are on the marketplace today, those that are researched for safety analysis, the vast majority are found to be mitochondrial disruptors.”

The movie discusses how for millennia people understood nature and lived symbiotically with it, but that in two to three generations humans have taken a detour away from this information to a very unnatural and potentially dangerous state.

For a short time, the Origins movie is available for free via the video embed above and here:

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