What I Love About My Cadillac ELR

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Below is an interesting write-up on the Cadillac ELR from a current owner, reposted from the GM-Volt.com Forum. The Cadillac ELR gets a lot of criticism, but many of its owners really love the thing. Here are some comments from forum user “Kevin” that may be worth your while to read (image added):

After two months with the Cadillac ELR, I am so happy with it and wanted to share some of the features I think are great…

The LED headlights are super bright, better than my full LED Audi A6 and Mercedes Adaptive HIDs. The auto high beams work great.

I love the passive locking/unlocking. My other cars that were keyless required you touch the handle to lock and then when you return. They were always clumsy as to whether they locked or unlocked sometimes requiring multiple touches. This system is the absolute the best way to do it.


The sound system is amazing, equal in quality but with much better features than my Pheaton which was my previous best sound system car.

Oh of course EREV its like a freakin’ spaceship from the future with no worry of range.

The review camera! I know Blast and others its not as clear at night as many others but it does have cross traffic alert which no other car I have had did. And its a very nice feature with how my driveway is hidden with hedges down to the street. Also with parking lots.

The Safety Alert Seat. I think this is just the biggest advance in alerts I have seen in a car. My other cars beeped so much at everything you start to ignore it. The seat really gets my attention and provides directional alerts, like if you are going off the right side of the road … right side vibrates etc.

The seats are amazingly supportive, I ruptured a disc in my back and with the all air bladder adjustments I can make it perfectly comfortable. (I have the Kona seats that are more adjustable but I think the standard seats are close)

I love the welcome animations and sound as well as the startup and shutdown effects. Totally nerdy and futuristic!

The active sound canceling is excellent. I was stopped next to a motorcycle and noticed I could barely hear it. I put my hand over the speaker and could feel that is was canceling out the sound.

100% LED bulbs after replacing the plate and reverse lights. The only other car that is 100% LED is the new S-Class.

CUE, it is more intuitive than MB command and Audi MMI. The voice recognition is by FAR the best of the three systems. It actually gets navigation right and you don’t have to use specific words or phrases it kinda figures out what you meant. Plus you don’t have to break down everything into pieces as it asks questions like MB requires.

The wheels are so cool and very little brake dust! What a PITA my Mercedes, Audi and BMWs have been with this.

Oh and of course the unique look, I get thumbs up and stares all the time and they have no idea that it is also electric. Well one person came up and asked me where the tail pipes were then I told him about it.

The electric door handles. So cool!

The ambient lighting, my Audi had white, my Mercedes had red, this one is blue, a personal preference but I like the blue. I also noticed that the footwell lights are white and are color changing to blue when the door closes.

Customizable LCD gauge cluster mixed with the physical parts is a really cool 3D system.

I like how that parking sensors come on automatically when you are close to something like pulling into the garage. Other systems you have to turn on the front sensors or they all come on only when in reverse. They also seem to pick up curbs and parking stops which is nice with the low front. Also the there isn’t the cacophony of beeping when you put the car in reverse heading out of the garage like the other systems as they detect everything around you.

No transmission shifting and the quietness are very posh. Just whooshing along.

Oh, and I have used 2 gallons of gas in two months.

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