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San Diego Now Home To 10,000+ Electric Cars

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September 20 is Electric Vehicle Day in San Diego. It is a National Drive Electric Week event where San Diego participants can test drive the newest EVs on the market. There are plenty of incentives for EV drivers in San Diego, and this is an event to find out more about these incentives as well. The event is free and open to the public. Sempra Energy, a regional utility, explains that there is a vehicle to suit every lifestyle.

This is a one-day-only opportunity, so see why San Diego has one of the highest adoption rates of EVs in the world. The area as well as the state is leading the way to cleaner air. It is seriously fashionable to drive an EV in San Diego. The city has a notable milestone to celebrate this year with more than 10,000 EVs on the roads in the metro region.

Image Credit: Colby Trudeau.

A San Diego electric car. Image Credit: Colby Trudeau


press release from Sempra Energy digs into the numbers a bit. Beginning with the market launch in December 2010, sales or leases of EVs increased in San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) service territory of San Diego and southern Orange counties reached 10,000 EVs.

New sales figures from the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative also show that the state has set a new world record. California has just surpassed 100,000 plug-in sales. This advance is essential toward achieving the governor’s goals of building clean infrastructure to support one million zero emission vehicles by 2020 and putting 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on the roads by 2025. Sempra Energy writes:

“This exciting news underscores the fact that we have an enormous opportunity ahead of us as a region and state to grow the electric vehicle and charging infrastructure markets. Increased efforts are needed beyond these milestones, and with strong collaboration statewide, we will be able to help reach the governor’s goal,” said James P. Avery, SDG&E senior vice president of power supply. “We invite anyone who is curious about EV ownership to join us at the upcoming Electric Vehicle Day event on Sept. 20 at Liberty Station, which is expected to be the largest gathering of EVs in San Diego’s history.”

Electric Vehicle Day – San Diego: A National Drive Electric Week Event ( will take place on Saturday, Sept. 20, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Liberty Station. San Diego’s Electric Vehicle Day is being hosted by SDG&E in partnership with Center for Sustainable Energy and CleanTECH San Diego, and coincides with National Drive Electric Week, Sept. 15–21, where ride-and-drives are taking place from Hawaii to Vermont.


National Drive Electric Week is being organized by Plug In America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association. 35 states are participating with 115 events planned starting tomorrow, Monday. Plug In America aim is to lend the experience of driving electric to those interested and planning to go that route. It’s the season of change. Hopefully the coming week leads potential drivers and buyers into breaking records and more milestones faster than the wonderful acceleration of an electric car.

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  • NRG4All

    We’ve had solar panels for over four years and are on our second three year lease of a LEAF.

  • spec9

    Well, this is one way the utilities can help fight the utility death spiral.

  • AddaBoy

    I still think electric vehicle car share is the way to go in the near term. Toyota is doing it now in Japan, and so is China. Gets a lot of people into EVs and limits their upfront cost.

    (China car share)

    (Toyota car share)

  • Will E

    what is the amount of renewable electricity production of Solar and Wind in
    San Diego.
    EV can never be a sales promotion for fossil utilities.

    • Offgridman

      Even an EV running off from grid power (of which in the US only 40% comes from coal anymore) is going to result in less CO2 emissions per mile than any gas powered vehicle from its fuel use.
      Even if our grid supply was to stay the same, if everyone was to switch to EV’s our total emissions would be reduced compared to all the ICE vehicles on the roads now.
      But actually what happens is that people that buy EV’s are even more likely to install rooftop solar, sometimes just to power their cars, but in most cases to also help out with their home energy use.
      Purchasing an EV tends to make a consumer much more aware of their energy usage and where its supply comes from. So even if they don’t get solar, are likely to find even more ways to economize on their total usage. So it is all for the good.

    • San Diego is better than most places, and many EV owners also have solar panels there. IN Cali, 40% of EV owners have rooftop solar panels.

    • Steven F

      California some time ago passed a law requiring the 3 large utilities collectively aquire 20% of all electricity from renewables (excluding large hydro). The utilities meet that requirement on time. The law now requires 30% by 2020. The law doesn’t doesn’t include home solar systems.

      • Will E

        my house is all electric, cut of the natural gas. no emission no bill
        my next plan is EV and rooftop Solar.
        Zachary, thank you for the good work with Cleantec, Ev, Solar and Wind going stronger all the time.
        I always explode with different bad news and laws on renewables from politicians,, you always keep calm. thats good, hehe

      • CaptD

        Yes The CPUC law basically told the Big Utilities that they needed to add Solar to their supply mix and sadly it left out paying the public a fair price for their own Solar generated Energy, which is only good for the Big Utilities.

    • Mike Nichols

      By the end of 2014, 33% of electricity will be from renewable energy. San Diego also does not have or import any power from coal fired plants. The rest is mostly made up from natural gas.

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