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Denza EV Production Begins, Will Launch Soon

September 2nd, 2014 by  

Interior of all-electric DENZA & exterior of all-electric DENZA / Serienmodell des Elektrofahrzeugs DENZA, gemeinsam entwickelt von Daimler und BYD

Germany’s Daimler and China’s BYD have become two of Asia’s most important automakers because of their extensive electric car efforts. The fruit of their labor is the Denza EV, and production has already begun in order to hit a launch date later this month, reports Sustainnovate.

The Denza will be primarily sold at BYD dealerships, a company that has more than one-third of China’s EV market share. Analysts estimate that China could be a huge market for electric vehicles, and recent government tax incentives and rebates are certainly pushing customers towards greener cars.

Estimates place the Denza’s range at about 186 miles per charge on the Chinese cycle, which is probably closer to 150 miles in America. That would make it the longest range EV for sale in China after the Tesla Model S, which is owed mostly due to its 47.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. A 115 horsepower motor moves the Denza, which is expected to cost about $59,000 when it goes on sale. Because of the aforementioned government incentives though, buyers can expect to get 30% or more of the buying price back.

But that’s not all! BYD and Daimler have also collaborated with ABB to place a large, fast-charging network all across China. The chargers will be placed in parking lots, as well as BYD dealerships as a means of alleviating the prevalent fear among Chinese consumers that there just aren’t enough places to plug in to make EVs viable. A year or two ago, that was true, but the Denza aims to be the first wave of EVs that Chinese consumers can use to replace their gas-guzzlers.

150 miles is way more than enough range to get to and from work for most commuters, and the Denza’s charging network should provide plenty of opportunities to top off. Customers can take their first test drives later this month; will tax incentives and a charging network bring consumers in the door, or will the Denza be an expensive flop?

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  • wwwatch

    Would anyone know who actually manufactures Denza’s motor? I don’t believe BYD makes their own motor, I could be wrong though.

  • Ronald Brakels

    The Denza is a luxury car aimed at the high end of the market. It’s for millionaires and government officials. The government has an electric vehicle target for its fleet and so there is likely to be considerable demand from that area alone. The middle class will purchase EVs such as the Chinese made verion of the Nissian Leaf and other less expensive models, while workers generally aren’t in a position to purchase new cars at the moment, but can get electric scooters.

  • Steve Grinwis

    And so… it’s come to this…

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