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Tesla Model S Rentals In UK Ain’t Cheap

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Considering renting a Tesla Model S next time you’re in the UK? Well, you might want to reconsider, based on the current going rate.

Or maybe just deal with the high price and say that you’re doing it to reduce your carbon emissions, right?

Tesla Model S rentals UK

Image Credit: Tesla Motors

The price? $580 a day. With that nice plump sum, though, you do get 200 miles of “free” driving — not a huge incentive, but still, something to consider, especially when you factor in the price of gasoline in the UK (~$9 to a gallon).

Autoblog Green provides more details:

UK-based EVision is offering right-hand drive Model S to motoring enthusiasts at a starting rate of about $100 an hour (with a three-hour minimum, of course), reports Transport Evolved. That jumps to $580 for the full day. And for a week of pretending that you’re James Bond in your sparkling Model S, the car will run about $3,300. And you though [sic] rental rates for London flats were expensive.

California-based Tesla started delivering the Model S to the UK in June. The model is priced at about $84,000 and Tesla said at the time that more than 3,400 Model S vehicles had been sold in Europe during the first four months of the year. Those figures were helped by Tesla’s decision to reduce the price of the Model S on the continent because of the strengthening Euro.

Hmm. What do you think? Worth it or not? Guess it depends on what several hundred dollars means to you, and how much you like to imagine yourself driving a Model S through the streets of London.

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  • Lynne Whelden

    A few weeks ago I checked on rental prices on an “S” here in the US. It’s almost as bad! About $400 a day. Geesh.

  • maethorechannen

    There’s not that much of a difference in price between what they’re charging and what others are charging to rent an S Class Mercedes in London.

    Oddly enough, cars that are expensive to buy are expensive to rent as well.

    • JamesWimberley

      I just got an online quote from Avis for a Mercedes S for 3 days in London for £506 ($840). So the Tesla S is about twice as expensive. The rate should drop.

      • Offgridman

        One consideration with your three day Mercedes rental is did it include 600 miles worth of free fuel as comes with the Tesla at a 200 mile per day inclusion?

      • Bob_Wallace

        Perhaps Tesla has priced early rentals for the ‘most eager’.

        Pick up a several extra thousand up front and then drop rates to widen the pool. I really don’t get the feeling that Tesla’s business model depends on giving out samples. Sort of the opposite.

        Rareness increases desire….

      • maethorechannen

        I was comparing the prices with Signature car hire (, which seems to be similar to EVision than Avis – boutique, focused on high-end cars that can even come with a chauffer (but with only 100 free miles a day).

    • Offgridman

      That was my question after reading this article. To just say that Tesla rentals are high at a certain price doesn’t really prove or say anything. What do comparably priced luxury sedans, whether US, European, or British made cost to rent, and in the case of ICE vehicles, does that include 200 miles worth of fuel?
      Very lackluster effort by the author, that fails to prove how expensive Tesla rentals in the UK are.

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