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BMW’s Beautiful Solar-Powered Charging Station

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BMW Solar-Powered Charging Station

Working with design and construction firm EIGHT, BMW has installed the first of its Point One S solar-powered charging stations in front of its ultra-modern BMW World building in Munich, Germany. Looking like the wing of a bird, the station is part of a national program to develop and popularize e-mobility in Germany. EIGHT also created a highly efficient manufacturing system for the Point One S to keep construction waste and energy consumption to a minimum. The design is adaptable to many different environments.

The wing-like canopy is topped by an array of solar panels and lined with a smart LED-based illumination system that alerts users at a distance whether the station is booked, occupied, or available for charging. The station features an integrated touch screen to increase the user-friendliness of its intuitive interface. When not in use charging vehicles, any excess electricity is fed back into the local electrical grid.

If the objective is to make recharging a vehicle attractive to electric car owners, the Point One S is clearly a winner. It is so beautiful it makes me want to go out and get an electric just so I could charge it up at one of these facilities. Which is probably the whole point.

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  • CaptD

    The new Solar Cycle:

    Each new electric charging station will lead to many more being installed which will make ever more people buy eVehicles which will then speed up the above cycle.

    Soon mainstream drivers will start asking what is holding all of us back besides Big Oil, who if they are smart will start to buy and/or install large numbers of Solar generation and charging stations.

    When BP or similar Corp. buys a solar charging Corp. we will see large numbers of new charging stations installed seemingly overnight.

  • Fred Bellows

    This is a good idea. We need these in every mall, airport, and public parking area. The point is to increase the awareness and the cool-factor of EV’s to encourage everyone to consider one. Another very important thing we need to do, to promote how easy EV’s are, is to get the wireless chargers going. About ten years ago. I saw a working prototype at CES at that time, and thought “oh wow, that will make EV adoption much, much easier. It was a simple molded plastic “block” looking thing that rose up from the parking lot surface about 4″ high and 2′ square. Centered in the front half of the parking spot, the tires simply straddle it while pulling in, and any vehicle at all would clear it. Vandalism proof, auto-sensing, inductance charging of EV’s, and an ICE car could park there as well (if they wanted to be a jerk about it). Cheaper to make and maintain than the chargers today with their expensive enclosure, display, cable, and plug, all very susceptible to vandalism. Nothing to do but drive in and see it turn on. Or, if you’re not at home, see the charge network info show up on your dash, and agree to the terms/price, etc. Nothing to plug or unplug, get dirty, or endure bad weather. Home versions are easy to make with a cable that goes over to your garage wall. And, they are simultaneously compatible with the current plug-in systems, as well. So,…where are they? Why can’t the industry agree on a standard for these and make this happen?? Has anyone heard about any headway on this clearly advantageous enhancement to the world’s imminent form of transportation?

  • Larry

    Sony isn’t the only company that combines Art and Engineering

    • jeffhre

      Yes, EIGHT seems to be quite good at this.

  • Philip W

    Damn I´ll have to visit it soon 🙂

  • is it compatible with Tesla or Leaf?

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