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Published on August 29th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


London To Test Wireless Hybrid Buses

August 29th, 2014 by  


Public transportation represents one of the greatest opportunities to get costs and carbon emissions with hybrid and electric vehicles. In London, Business Green reports that the city has begun trials of four fast-charging wireless hybrid buses.

The Alexander Dennis Enviro400H uses a diesel-electric drivetrain coupled with wireless inductive charging that enables the bus to operate in mostly in all-electric mode. However, the on-board six-cylinder diesel engine ensures that the driver and passengers won’t be stranded on the roadside should the battery run out.

So far specific fuel consumption and environmental benefits haven’t been mentioned, but the four buses represent a new wave of public transportation that combines green technology and convenience. After all, it’s much easier to wirelessly recharge a bus at one of its many station stops than it is to have it return to the depot every time it needs to be filled up.

Add to that a quieter operating nature, lower maintenance costs, and lower emissions, and electrified buses represent a major coup of the status quo. Other places, like Switzerland, are testing hybrid and electric buses that can be fully recharged in just a few seconds, enabling quicker pit stops that are no longer than it takes to embark or disembark passengers.

Over time, hybrid buses can save major amounts of money for cash-strapped municipalities, despite their higher initial cost, and wireless charging makes things even easier for operators.

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