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The Most Solar Man In The World — Brilliant 1-Minute Short Films

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I can’t decide what is more intriguing, Rosana’s seductive voice in her teasing narrative or Solar Man’s Exotic solar charisma*. It matters not; this is one smooth, funny short film series explaining Solar Man’s super solar prowess, in 3-minute pops.

“He once installed 100 panels in a day, by himself…. His own body can convert solar power into electricity at 20% efficiency…. China imports panels from him…. He is the most solar man in the world.” Those lines are from The Most Solar Man says: Sponsor Rosana for the Solarthon! (Episode 1)

Here are some from Episode 2: “Every time he installs a solar panel, sea levels go back down an inch…. His bungalow in Tahiti had solar panels before they were invented….” Watch all three videos:

Okay, I couldn’t resist, here are more quotes from the third video, The Most Solar Man on Himself, that I love: “The things you have heard about me, they are all true. It is true that I produced a solar panel so powerful it could produce energy at night. It is also true that when I was stranded for a month on a desert isle, I taught the natives to make their own solar panels – they revered me, as their sun god…. I don’t always use electricity, but when I do, I prefer solar. Go solar, my friends.”

GRID ALTERNATIVESWhat a wonderful series. As you have surely seen by now, these were created for Rosana Francescato’s Solarthon Fund, which is raising money for Grid Alternatives. Visit the Grid Alternatives site to donate and learn more about Solar Rosana and Grid Alternatives.

And visit the Bay Area Solarthon on September 6, 2014 to find out more about Rosana and her Solar Man productions.

*Note: to really appreciate these videos, you should familiarize yourself with the “Most Interesting Man in the World” meme.

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