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WeCycle — Free App Offers Personal Travel Diary & Useful Data For Cities

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WeCycle has launched a free app for iPhones (and soon Android devices) that automatically detects multiple modes of transport and crowdsources information about one’s travel patterns. With this app, cyclists will help make urban areas friendlier and safer. The app shows where the town or city needs more investment in bike routes. This new app does that job and more. New users of the app have expressed positive experiences, noting that the map of one’s cycling journeys is great.


WeCycle notes that the app detects route and mode of transport without any user interaction. Privacy is protected — it is anonymised data.

Right now, the app team is working closely with several UK towns and cities. The app has low-power location tech running in the background all day and all night, so there is no need to start or stop it. The creators are a London startup team that expresses a passion for making people’s journeys better.

The app is free to consumers, and offers free data to authorities — partly funded by the Nominet Trust.

Travel intelligence for the community also helps to determine congested or problematic routes. This saves everyone time and money.

The London startup is: Travelai. I wonder what else they will dream up and develop.

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