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Published on August 21st, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


GM Trademarks Chevy Bolt, But Why?

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Originally posted on GAS2

Car companies are constantly taking out trademarks for names they have no intention of using; it’s just a matter of making sure nobody else uses it either. A recent trademark filing by GM for the “Chevy Bolt” moniker is worth a moment’s consideration though, especially with the new 2016 Chevy Volt set to debut in just a few months.

InsideEVs reports that there’s no indication that GM intends to use this recent trademark filing, but it’s worth considering what the automaker might have planned. An expanded line of Volt-based products, like an earlier MPV design seemed to suggest, would make a lot of sense if GM wants to grow its Volt owner base. It could also be for an upcoming concept car, or even a character in the next Transformers movie, which GM is just as addicted to as Michael Bay.


Or, perhaps less likely but definitely more cool, a performance version of the Chevy Volt? “Bolt” after all can be used to describe speed, and a hotter version of the Volt would certainly give it some bragging points over slower, stodgier competitors. Another possibility is the Chevy Bolt could be a longer, or shorter range version of the Volt, which could begin offering different battery sizes just like Tesla does.

Or, you know, maybe nothing. Who knows?

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  • patb2009

    maybe a Vette, w/ the voltec?

  • NRG4All

    Because they’re coming out with a new model in 2016, maybe they should name it the Chevy Revolt. If you trade in you’re old Volt for a new one, then you’d be Revolting.

  • Ronald Brakels

    Well actually Australian Holden has been doing a little development work for GM lately. And as you may know we have lots of long, flat, straight roads. So I think the giant crossbow they are building on the Eyre Highway is specifically for the GM Bolt. It’s a great fuel saving measure. The wind turns the windlass, you drive in and twang! Suddenly you’re travelling at over 300 kilometers an hour across the Nullarbor Plain. Build enough of these and you can travel across Australia at almost no fuel cost.

    • rockyredneck

      This builds on earlier plans to use a giant cannon to fire space craft at the moon but much more carbon friendly.

  • WindEnergy

    Chevy Zap!

  • Offgridman

    Perhaps the new Chevy Bolt could be their line of light duty hybrid or electric SUV/trucks? Even if it ended with the Volt power train it would be in a shape that is more acceptable to people in the US, and the upcoming increase to the Volt range could help to decrease the losses of the shape
    This possibility was also put forth on the original article on the Gas2 site, but didn’t get any responses.
    So what do you think of the Chevy Bolt as a truck line?

  • Bob_Wallace

    I want someone to market the Dorje.

    “Symbolically a dorje represents the ‘thunderbolt of enlightenment,’ that abrupt change in human consciousness which is recognized by all the great religions as a pivotal episode in the lives of mystics and saints.” And car drivers….

    They’d even get a great hood ornament with the deal….

    • Seems like something Tesla would do.

      • Hans

        WWTD: the new business consultancy buzzword?

  • Vensonata

    Usain Bolt. Ring a bell?

    • Bob_Wallace

      Lightening bolt?

      Great image for an EV that gets off the line in a flash.

    • GCO

      Ah yes, the guy on Nissan GT-R ads, right?

  • spec9

    Who knows . . . maybe it is just a defensive move to prevent anyone else from using it. It would seem stupid to have two cars with such similar sounding names but I guess they could use it if they want.

  • Benjamin Nead

    Uh . . . because Chevy Bolt probably sounds more clever than Chevy Dolt?

    But . . . If the car had feathers that regularly shed, they could consider
    calling it the Chevy Molt.

    And . . . If naming a new Chevy after a place – such as Malibu – is on their
    agenda, might they ponder the ancient Hungarian town of Solt? . . .

    So many possibilities, so few cars . . . 🙂

    • Bob_Wallace

      After GM naming on “no va”….

    • spec9

      Well, dodge already has ‘Colt’.

      How about ‘Holt’?

    • GCO

      Another plug-in: the Chevy Jolt.
      (would could Folt them?)

      • patb2009

        if they did a convertible it could be the Molt.

    • Hans

      Chevy Told….you so

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