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Published on August 15th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


Europe Gets Its 50th Tesla Supercharger

August 15th, 2014 by  


Tesla Motors has gone worldwide in a big way with the Model S, and with it has come the store, service center, and Supercharger networks to support the electric car. Earlier this year, Tesla installed its 100th Supercharger station here in the U.S., and this week it announced the opening of its 50th Supercharger station in Europe.

The updated map shows that the stations now cover most of central and western Europe, with a few notable exceptions. Norway and much of northern Europe is already well covered, though by this winter almost all of Scandinavia will be within range of a Tesla Supercharger. Most of France is already covered, though most of the west coast still needs some stations. There are also plans to increase the number of stations across England, though it looks like Scotland and Ireland will be left wanting for the fast-charging stations.


It’s obvious that Tesla is focusing its efforts on EV-friendly nations, with Norway being foremost amongst them thanks to seriously generous tax and driving incentives, helping the Model S become one of the best-selling cars in Scandinavia. There don’t appear to be any plans to spread the Supercharger network to the eastern side of the Old World though, with Germany, Austria, and Croatia representing the eastern-most Supercharger stations.

Meanwhile, Tesla is also expanding the virtually non-existent Supercharger network in China, a nation that is still in the very early stages of EV adoption despite its ambitious claims.

For its part, Tesla claims to now have some 168 total Superchargers worldwide, and that number will only continue to grow while traditional automakers continue to play catch-up.

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  • EVtripPlanner

    EVTripPlanner ( keeps a near-real-time database of chargers for mapping and trip planning (with energy calculaitons). We show 63 superchargers in Europe as of yesterday!

    • Bob_Wallace

      That’s a neat site. I did a quick London to Barcelona route and got a lot of detail. What wasn’t clear was where I needed to stop for a charge.

      Seems like that should pop out in bright red or something.

  • dogphlap dogphlap

    None in Spain or Italy but then Tesla is actually a very small and very new player in the international motor trade so really they are doing an amazing job. If Toyota had had the same attitude they could have owned this space. Best regards.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Expected to be there by/during this coming winter….

      • dogphlap dogphlap

        thank you for the reply but I am too dumb to understand it. At first I thought you meant you were coming to Queensland this coming winter but then I saw your link to Tesla’s supercharger web site. No mention of Australia (or even Oceania) that I could see and a Google site search of that website came up with a 404 error for Australia. Oh and the coming winter, is that a northern or southern hemisphere winter ? Were you perhaps referring to to the “suggest a site here” link on that page ?
        Tesla are doing a remarkable job but it is hard to see how providing superchargers every 200 miles could ever be economic for a population of 20M spread around such a large island (but I’d never bet against Mr Musk). Very best regards.

        • Matt

          While it is true that there are people living in the Oz outback, aren’t most clustered near the coast?

          • dogphlap dogphlap

            Most people live on the edge.
            To go from Cairns to Brisbane 1700km to Sydney 900km to Melbourne 900km to Adelaide 725km to Perth 2700km. That’s about 4330miles maybe 22 super chargers (or one per million people) with a 200 mile separation. I left out Darwin, Alice Springs and Canberra amongst other outlying spots. I suspect the number of Teslas sold would be insufficient to justify the installation costs (but I have no real idea and I would prefer to be wrong). Best regards

        • Bob_Wallace

          “None in Spain or Italy ”

          Coming this year. Take a look at the Europe map and run the slider to the right.

          I’m having a little trouble figuring out how Queensland and Oz got into a thread about Europe.

          Or perhaps there’s a Spain and an Italy, Australia.

          We have Paris, TN and Rome, GA….

          • dogphlap dogphlap

            Sorry about that. I did say I was dumb. Best regards.

          • Bob_Wallace

            No harm.

            No fowl.

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