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Published on August 14th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


DIY Electric Bike Kickstart Campaign Underway

August 14th, 2014 by  


Originally posted on GAS2

Electric bikes are growing in popularity in nearly every urban area, but not everyone wants to ditch their current cruiser for a fancy motorized machine. Still, having an electric motor to assist with some of those more difficult hills would be pretty nice.

Micah Toll agrees, and he’s launched a Kickstarter for what he calls the Barak Electric Bicycle Kit. Complete with battery, throttle, controller, and an in-wheel electric motor, it’s designed to be applied to nearly any bike out there…including the one in your garage or shed. Of course this kick isn’t free, and Kickstarter funders should expect to shell out $585 for one of Toll’s 350 watt (about .46 horsepower) and 20-inch wheel.

The versatile kit is designed to be installed on road bikes, mountain bikes, and even folding bikes, changing any humble bike into an electric one. While $585 is about what you’d spend on a decent bike in the first place, many electric bikes cost thousands of dollars. The Barak Electric Bicycle Kit is comparatively cheap when you put it in those terms, though it’s not the only DIY electric bike kit making its way to the market. Bosch has put together an electric bike kit of their own, and numerous niche shops are offering their own take on the electric bike fad.

With its low cost and versatility though, Toll has certainly made the case for his DIY E-Bike Kit. Any backs plan on contributing to his cause? He’s got 22 days and about $8,000 to go to reach his Kickstarter goals, so he could use the help. 

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