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Published on August 13th, 2014 | by Joshua S Hill


US Clean Jobs Market Surges Past 2.6 Million

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The US clean job sector has skyrocketed in recent months according to Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index, pushing past two million job postings in the first half of 2014 alone, which amounts to an 88% increase over the same period a year earlier.

The report highlights clean jobs as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which says that a clean job is part of a business that benefits the environment or conserves natural resources. A total of 2,637,133 jobs were posted through the first half of 2014, an 87.5% increase over the same time a year earlier, including 1.2 million jobs since the beginning of the year.

Split up across the industry, it’s good news no matter what sector you’re looking for;

  • Power Utility Technology: 132 percent increase in jobs from 2013
  • Solar Energy Technology: 116 percent increase in jobs from 2013
  • Electrical Engineering Technology: 74 percent increase in jobs from 2013
  • Wind Energy Technology: 65 percent increase in jobs from 2013
  • Facility Management: 64 percent increase in jobs from 2013
  • Renewable Energy Technology: 63 percent increase in jobs from 2013
  • Energy Efficiency: 53 percent increase in jobs from 2013

The Clean Jobs Index tracks US states’ use and development of clean and sustainable energy, and was created “to provide objective job information about the renewable energy industry” in the US.

“This Clean Jobs Index really demonstrates the rapid growth of the sustainable energy industry,” said Chris Gorrie, academic dean at Ecotech Institute. “Almost double the clean jobs were posted in the first half of 2014 compared to the first half of 2013.

“Ecotech Institute is the only educational institution out there that’s entirely focused on this space, and makes sure students are prepared for these available green energy jobs.”

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  • If I were a marketer, I’d focus on jobs. PV jobs are local. Sure there’s some installs in the middle of nowhere and man camps have to get set up somewhere in the Mojave Desert. PV jobs seem like workers can come home for the evening and be with their families. The oil patch jobs pay well. Many say a jobs a job and that’s true. It’s hard on families when a spouse is away “on site” most of the time. It becomes trying on the family. Like multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s trying on those living near oil/gas boom areas as well. And it’s extremely trying on oil patch worker’s liver and per diems when there’s only so many bars within a 500 mile radius. So as a hypothetical marketing consultant/political operative, here’s my tag, “PV for Families.” You’re welcome.

  • Deep Time

    And how many coal jobs are there? Less than 90,000 now? The times they are a changin’. Time to dethrone King Coal once and for all.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Coal produces about 40% of our electricity but employees <90,000 people.

      Wind is producing less than 5% of our electricity at a price that is competitive with coal and much cheaper that coal if we do full accounting and add in the external costs that we pay with taxes and health insurance premiums.

      The wind industry employees 50,500 people.

      If we ramped wind up by 8x to match coal we'd create another 350,000 good jobs for Americans. And many of those jobs would be open to people with only a high school degree and a few months of trade school classes.

      • JamesWimberley

        “The wind industry employees 50,500 people. If we ramped wind up by 8x to match coal we’d create another 350,000 good jobs for Americans.”
        Sorry. Most of the wind jobs are in installation, not maintenance. To get 350k jobs, I suppose you’d have to instal the capacity in one year, after which most of the jobs would disappear. Do it over 5 years, and you would – what? – double the wind jobs. A good case is weakened by hyperbole.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Yep, I did inflated math.

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