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Climate Change

Published on August 13th, 2014 | by Cynthia Shahan


New App, Extraordinary, Helps You Do Good While Living Awesome

August 13th, 2014 by  

Every day we read the news, and if we study environmental problems and political problems, many of us are overwhelmed with sadness and a sense of “what can I do to help positive change for those in dire need?” We want to do more than keeping our footprint small.

Now there is a way to help every time you spend a dollar. The option offers humane and ecological wellness.


Image Credit: Extraordinary via Kickstarter


I always think about what I buy. If FairTrade and Equal Exchange is not clearly on the label — don’t buy. Now there is a free app coming into being that helps you know where to spend your money to make more of a difference. Feel free to buy knowing you will also help in choosing a business that is giving, replanting, employing.

Many sustainable businesses offer an opening to the poor, those in need, those suffering malnutrition, and those who lack educational possibility.

A new app helps a shopper know where and who these planet-supporting businesses are. They are groceries, restaurants, clothing stores, recreational activities, spas, and more. They employ struggling mothers to plant food-bearing trees. Using your dollar on a wholesome meal may additionally employ a struggling mom to plant a tree that will provide income and food for her children.

Image Credit:EXTRAORDINARY: Live well and do good every day (free app) by Julien Fruchier

Extraordinary is an app imagined into being by Julien Frunchier. His philosophy (and app) presents access to a life less ordinary. One will find businesses in the app that provide foods, clothes, and activities from the most sustainable sources. Beauty comes from supporting, attending, and serving. The wealth of the extraordinary life of kindness is the purpose of this app.

We cannot all go to those in need and become selfless angels working directly. However, we can soften the struggles of the poor, remedying some part of their life and our planet’s life. This app makes that more possible.

Even in distant Ethiopia, this tree planting nourishes the lungs of our planet for all to breathe. Our dollars enable a mother’s job. Her job allows more opportunity for education. For the whole planet, this helps reverse desertification and climate change.

Have fun. Eat well. Track your impact with this app. Know you are part of the positive. Serve others.

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Cynthia Shahan is an organic farmer, licensed AP, anthropologist, and mother of four unconditionally loving spirits, teachers, and environmentally conscious beings who have lit the way for me for decades.

  • Kyle Field

    Thanks for the 2 great app recommendations in as many days 🙂 As an Android user, can you also share some of the basic technical info (what platform – iOS, Android, Mac, PC, etc…cost, availability, etc)? This would add value to readers and save some time searching for something that may not be available yet 🙂 Thanks!

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