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Renault Zoe & BMW i3 Advertising In Warsaw & Munich Airports (Video & Pics)

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Going to and returning from either the unveiling of Solar Impulse 2 in Switzerland or Abu Dhabi Ascent in the UAE, I was surprised to see an actual Renault Zoe on display in the Warsaw airport and the BMW i3 advertised in the Munich airport.

Renault Zoe in Warsaw (+ BMW i8)

Seeing the Renault Zoe was certainly the bigger surprise. Poland doesn’t have any electric car incentives as far as I’m aware, and almost no electric cars on the roads at all — I’ve never seen one.

Interestingly, however, this isn’t the only plug-in car ad I’ve seen in Poland. I’ve seen BMW i8 commercials on television a few times. That was also a big surprise given that the i8 is an expensive, limited-production car and Poland isn’t a particularly wealthy country.

Of course, I decided to make a quick video of the Renault Zoe and take a bunch of pics while waiting for my connecting flight. Check them out here:

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 6

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 5

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 4

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 3

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 2

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 1

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 18

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 17

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 16

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 15

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 14

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 13

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 12

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 11

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 10

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 9

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 7

Renault Zoe Warsaw Airport Poland 8


BMW i3 in Munich Airport

If you can read German and find the BMW i3 ad below at all interesting, please feel free to provide your best translation in the comments!

Not as flashy as an actual vehicle, but that was quite a large ad in a prominent place in the airport.

BMW i3 Munich 3

BMW i3 Munich 5

BMW i3 Munich 2

BMW i3 Munich 1

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  • KM

    Not many people in Poland can afford buying a new car. Some who drive a lot use LPG (one of the highest numbers of LPG cars in the world). Once EVs become more affordable they will certainly attract a lot of attention.

  • Andy

    The BMW ads say “Manufactured sustainably. Designed uniquely.” and “Powered by innovation. The electric BMW i8”. It’s the closest translation.

  • JamesWimberley

    Poland isn’t very rich, but it has rich men and presumably celebrity magazines. Fashion works by trickle-down. Tesla changed the image of electric cars from dull and virtuous (like the Prius) to flash and sexy, no small thing.
    I hope you sampled the excellent Weizenbier from Munich Airport’s in-house microbrewery.

    • Yeah, hopefully people will at least understand from the i8 ads that it’s partically electric. 😀

  • Ronald Brakels

    With gasoline (or guzzeline as we call it in Australia – see the movie Mad Max 2 if you don’t believe me) costing about $1.80 a liter (one jillion dollars eighty a gallon), Polish people still have plenty of incentive to go electric even with overt incentives. But it might be a good idea to get some solar panels for the dom (Polish for house, or perhaps guzzeline) to greenify the electricity you charge it with.

  • Simon

    When I arrived in Amsterdam in july there was a BMW i3 in a sea of orange tulips at the airport, welcoming international passengers. An advertisement for a car rental place (Sixt). Of course, electric cars are a common sight in Amsterdam nowadays. Very encouraging.

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