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Control Your Tesla From Your Wrist With Tesla Command

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Originally published on Gas 2.
By Steve Hanley.

Android Wear for Tesla

You have your shiny new Tesla Model S sitting in your driveway, and you have even added that way cool lighted Tesla logo to the trunk lid. What else can you do to set yourself apart from every other Tom, Dick and Elon out there?

How about an app that lets you control your Tesla from your wrist?

Android Wear has just the gadget for you. It’s called Tesla Command for Android Wear app, and it’s available free at the Play Store reports 9 to 5 Google. You can tap to lock or unlock your car, open and close the sunroof, flash the lights or beep the horn. Imagine how excited your friends will be when your Tesla’s door handles slide in and out at the touch of a button on your wrist!

Check out the video below for a demo of the app.

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