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Published on July 31st, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


Fisker Karma To Relaunch (Just 250 “Bugs” To Fix First)

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From the moment the first Fisker rolled off of Finnish assembly lines, there were doubts about its marketability and engineering quality. Consumer Reports was one of the first to sound alarm bells after their Fisker died en route from picking it up at the dealership, and things only got worse from there.

The Wanxiang Group now owns the rights to the Fisker Karma, which it plans to relaunch after fixing some 250 “bugs” found in the original design, according to an interview with Automotive News. Following that, a second model based on the Fisker Atlantic is planned to launch soon after. Wanxaing definitely has its work cut out for it though.

Among the issues faced by the Fisker Karma were unexplained fires, poor fuel economy, and such limited interior space that it was officially classified as a subcompact. Wanxiang didn’t specify what bugs it was working on, but hopefully they can at least get the Karma to the point where it works as designers originally intended; as an efficient and somewhat fast plug-in hybrid. It’s good to see Wanxiang taking their entry to the U.S. market seriously, and they know that if Fisker is going to have any chance at all, it has to make the most of this second chance.

Wanxiang is serious about getting into the electric car business, and even wants to bring Fisker production back to the US, but the road ahead won’t be easy. Is America ready to give Fisker a second chance?

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  • Faris

    Am an owner of a fisker, would they consider compensating us for our losses.?

  • GCO

    I sure hope they’ll be successful. Love the look of that car…

  • Roger Pham

    I sure hope that one of the bug fixed would be to allow the front engine to drive the front wheels via a clutch, a differential and reduction gearing, in order to add the 230 hp from the engine to the 320 hp of the rear motors to make a 4-wheel drive near-super car with 550 hp total, a boost from 320 hp from previous “karma”.

    A second fix would be to buy a 20-kWk pack floor-mounted battery pack from Tesla in order to turn this 5,200-lb-4-seat subcompact into a 7-seat full-size vehicle. Good luck on this second incarnation!

  • JamesWimberley

    If you are prepared like Wanxiang to make the very large bet to enter the risky and fast-changing ev market against established leaders, it probably pays to hire an experienced existing design team – even one that got it wrong first time. (The successful teams work for your rivals and can’t be hired.) Not sure I’d have bothered keeping a negative brand though.

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