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Published on July 30th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


2015 Nissan LEAF Pricing And Specs Revealed

July 30th, 2014 by  

2015 Nissan LEAF

Well its officially official; Nissan has revealed the latest features and prices for the 2015 Nissan LEAF, which now enters its fourth model year. Don’t expect any groundbreaking improvements right now, though all the models get a few new standard features.

The base model 2015 Nissan LEAF S starts at $29,860 and includes, among other things, a 4.3 inch LCD screen, cloth upholstery, satellite radio, and halogen headlights. Step up to the LEAF SV and you’ve get 17-inch aluminum wheels standard, as well as the new Hands Free Text Messaging Assistant and Voice Destination Entry, which also comes standard on the highest-level SL trim. Top-of-the-line buyers also get access to Level 3 fast chargers and comes with LED headlamps to boot, as well as a premium sound system and leather seats.

In other words, nothing major to write home about, though the 2016 Nissan LEAF could bring some major changes to both aesthetics and performance. With a more mainstream look and an optional battery pack good for 150 miles of driving per charge, the next LEAF model is the one we’re really waiting for. It might even come with the option of self-cleaning paint, making it literally the world’s cleanest car.

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  • MK in Virginia

    I absolutely love the look of the Leaf, and look forward to eventually buying one. I think it is very cute, and hope the design does not become “more mainstream,” but it is interesting how male reviewers seem to prefer a streamlined sedan shape, such as that of the Chevy Volt.

  • Nissan Leaf has an astounding design and style. Love the color and its features.

  • larryscheib

    “Only one among a dozen small cars earned a Good score in the latest crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS): the Mini Cooper Countryman. Four others—Fiat 500L, Mazda5, Nissan Juke, and Nissan Leaf— earned the lowest score of Poor.

    As a result, Consumer Reports will withdraw its recommendation of the Mazda5 and Nissan Leaf.” This is what happens when they try to convert golf-carts into highway savy autos.


    • Jan Veselý

      How did 7-seat Mazda5 get to the cathegory of small cars?

    • GCO

      Talk about cherry-picking: the Leaf scored Good (the highest score) in all categories, except the one CR mentioned.

      The Leaf was IIHS Top safety pick in 2012, probably one of the reasons CR recommended it in the first place.

      • larryscheib

        “The Leaf experienced 16 inches of intrusion into the lower passenger compartment. IIHS notes that the instrument panel, parking brake pedal, and steering column were all pushed back toward the driver, risking numerous injuries.”

        • GCO

          “Since its introduction, the Leaf got the highest safety ratings for both front and side impacts. The IIHS noted that intrusions into the passenger compartment were minimal; in fact, some were too low to even measure.” (*)

          See, that was easy!

          (*) Just another loose interpretation of the same IIHS results. I didn’t even need to be anywhere near as “selective” and dishonest as you or this other guy: out of the detailed ratings relating to injuries, 14 out of 16 were the highest (safest) anyway.

          Can we get back on topic now?

    • Israel Navas Duran

      So do you believe that the results in crash tests have anything to do with being electric? The Leaf platform is shared with the Nissan Versa/Tiida/Latio/Note/Livina, all regular ICE cars.

  • MarTams

    Why does it have to be so fugly? Can they redesign the shape of the car? It’s the only thing that keeps me from it.

    • rkt9

      What’s the difference? You can’t see what it looks like when you are inside it anyway.

      • larryscheib

        but you have to get in it everyday and see it then. Just like I won’t put an ugly statue in my yard why would I want an ugly car like a Leaf or Prius in my driveway?

        • Kevin McKinney

          No accounting for tastes, but personally I don’t find either care ugly. The Prius in particular seems shaped functionally, and in a good way.

        • GCO

          What if said statue was dispensing gas for 75c/gallon?

    • Jason Willhite

      Real beauty is what’s on the inside.
      No transmission, no fuel tank, no fluid pumps, no timing belts, no reservoirs, no oil pan, no radiator, no 02 sensors, no catalytic converter…
      Just one big sexy battery.
      I do agree though, there is room for to make it a little more appealing on the outside.

      • djr417

        I dont mind the looks of the Prius at all, but those headlights ‘bug eye’ look are arguably the worst Ive seen. its like the designers tried to make a squished electric Pontiac Aztec. hiddeous!

        • Jason Willhite

          Oh man, the Pontiac Spaztec is so hideous.
          And ever since you mentioned the ‘bug eye’ look of the Leaf, that’s all I notice now.

      • GCO

        Actually, the inverter and motor are liquid-cooled, so there is a pump and a tiny radiator. Not a huge impact on maintenance though: the first item is inspecting the coolant at… 150’000 miles. 🙂

        • Jason Willhite

          Well that’s not too bad. Everytime we’ve had to take our car or van to get something fixed, I just feel there’s soooo much that needs maintenance.

      • Alex

        I agree, it is such a simple car, not much in it. Why so expensive then? For sure it’s not the batteries.

        • Jason Willhite

          That’s what I keep thinking. The 2015 Leaf is approximately $30,000 (before tax incentives). We know that they’re selling a subsidized 24kw replacement battery today for about $6,000. Where is the other $24,000 going?

    • zoiperry

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    • sault

      A car’s visual appeal is subjective and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Cars like the LEAF and Prius are indeed distinctive and their shape is more due to the effort to minimize wind resistance than anything. If this bothers you, prepare to hate an increasing portion of car models as time goes on since we will have to move to this shape to combat climate change and lower the dangers of oil addiction.

      • GCO

        Mostly agreed, although the Leaf Cx isn’t that great actually, 0.28 IIRC.
        The bulging “eyes” (which probably receive the most criticism) were supposedly made this way more for comfort, to cut wind noise from the mirrors.
        (and btw, it works great…)

    • Calamity_Jean

      Looks OK to me.

    • Israel Navas Duran

      Form follows function.

    • speeedy gonzales

      Always the same idiots that came with the same comment in every LEAF past they can find. You don’t like the model, piss off dumb ass

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