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Terra Motors Reveals The Bizmo II, An Electric Cargo Scooter

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By Steve Hanley

Bizmo II Electric Scooter

Japan’s Terra Motors is about to begin selling a small electric scooter with good range and, more importantly, excellent carrying capacity. The unit is meant for inner city delivery chores and comes with a variety of lockable storage compartments to safeguard the goods being transported, as well as a range of 90 miles.

Ultra low maintenance and fuel costs plus simple operation make the Bizmo II ideal for the the specialized use it is designed for. It weighs just 190 lbs and boasts a carrying capacity of 66 lbs. Top speed from its 3 hp motor is 34 mph.

While those specifications sound quite modest, there are lots of places around the world that need an agile, inexpensive and reliable means of delivering products to local merchants in a congested inner city environment. The company expects to sell 100,000 Bizmo II scooters by the end of 2015. It joins two other Terra Motors models, the iPhone-powered A400i and a three-wheeled electric tuk-tuk.

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  • Wayne Williamson

    Just an fyi, the carrying capacity is meaningless with out the riders weight included….unless that is 66 pounds and this is only meant for little kids.

  • Kevin McKinney

    In my neighborhood, that would be great for shopping and grocery runs!

    • Offgridman

      My father now in his mid 70’s still speaks fondly of the Vespa he had back in the sixties. He would love to have one of these to use going to yard sales. As he keeps himself busy finding items to resell at antique car and tractor shows.
      If only we could get vehicles like this in the US.

  • Manohar

    Any idea on expected cost?

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