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Elon Musk on The Colbert Report (VIDEO)

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Elon Musk was recently interviewed by Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report. It’s a nearly 10-minute interview, and as you can imagine, both hilarious and informative. Some of the highlights from the interview are featured as bullet points below the video.

  • Tesla Model S owners will soon be able to name their cars. Like, really name them — birth certificate and all (scratch that — I’m getting a telepathic message from Elon that no birth certificate is included).
  • Elon has named his Model S “Old Faithful” (he has the advanced software in his car already, of course…)
  • SpaceX aims to make rockets reusable (currently, we basically just have single-use rockets).
  • Elon hasn’t worked on a jetpack of its own.

Fun stuff, even if most of it wasn’t about cleantech this time around.

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  • RawLasVegan

    Wonderful! Thanks, Zach.

  • Ben Helton

    “It’s the best damned golf cart I have ever driven”

    Well said Stephen, well said.

  • Crewton Ramone

    I want my fucking hydrogen powered flying car, god dammit.

    • rollzone

      hello. If I sell it to you THEY will vaporize me.

      • Jouni Valkonen

        That is true. If you try to sell hydrogen products anywhere else than in chemical industry, it is most likely that you are trying to sell vaporware and in other words, you are vaporized.

  • Jefe

    – Musk named his car OLD Faithful, not “All faithful”
    -SpaceX has already designed and created working reusable rockets. Their discussion was on how they can be more put to use.
    – I’m going to name my Tesla “Shirley “

    • 1- thanks. i misheard that, apparently.
      2- yeah, i guess i wasn’t clear about that, but what i was trying to say.

  • Jouni Valkonen

    Elon jet again rephrased that he is dreaming on all electric supersonic airplane. I think that his reasoning is sound although I would like dismiss few ideas.

    First of all I would abandon vertical take-off and landing. We have plenty of airfields VTOL is not yet urgent. It is of course longer term goal.

    Electric jet engine could still have a kerosene burning hybrid mode, but without inefficient gas turbine. This could assist with take-off of heavy battery airplane. The cruising of electric jet is incredibly efficient in all electric mode because electric jet can cruise at much higher altitude, perhaps at 50 km, and therefore there is almost no air drag and airplane can achieve about mach five or six.

    I think that the biggest problem with electric aircraft is that the power density of electric motors is not good enough. It is perhaps required for superconducting electric motors, and I have no idea how realistic this kind motor is from engineering point of view.

  • DGW

    I really enjoyed this interview and Musk is extraordinary.
    The Colbert Report will be sadly missed and there’s no reason Stephen can’t start his new show the same way with funny news bits at the desk instead of the tired standup monologue.
    Then he switches to interviews which will be most enjoyable.

    • Jim Seko

      I like how you think but ,unfortunately, Colbert will do what CBS tells him to do.

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