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Tesla News Buffet

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As noted in an article earlier today, I’ve been very busy in the past month (well, months…) moving into a new home and following the birth of a sweet little cleantech lover. Inevitably, “roundup articles” of important or interesting cleantech news we didn’t cover dropped off as a result. With a big backlog of stories I wanted to share, I’m breaking them up into even more articles than normal. Here’s one on Tesla news. The rest are coming tomorrow morning.

The Tesla Model S is more powerful than its power rating suggests. A trip to the Dyno proves it. (Gas2)

A Chinese team rose to a Tesla challenge — hacking a Model S. The Chinese hackers remotely unlocked the Model S, changed settings, honked the horn, flashed the lights, and opened the sunroof… all while the car was in motion! In the end, however, they didn’t win the $10,000 reward Musk offered, as they had “not succeeded in the mission of hacking Tesla’s door and engine within the timeframe of the challenge.” (Gas2)

Retooling for Model X has begun. Tesla’s Fremont factory has been temporarily shut down for that purpose. Who’s getting excited? (Gas2)

The Tesla Model X body kit from Unplugged Performance has now been released. The cost for the upgrades ranges from $6,000 to $10,000. (Gas2)

A Tesla Model S visits the Nürburgring. Fun ensues. (Gas2)

If you’re in Norway sometime, just have a glance around — you can probably find several Model S’s. And if you happen across a Supercharger station… (Teslamondo)

The Tesla White House petition regarding federal action to stop the dealership lobby from stalling Tesla sales finally got a response — essentially, “sorry, we can’t do anything.” Nicholas Zart and Andrew Meggison chime in. (Teslarati & Gas2)

Panasonic and Tesla are about ready to sign a gigafactory agreement. I imagine we’ll get the final word from Elon via a tweet and a post on the Tesla Motors website, but until then, we have speculation and potentially correct details. (Gas2)

Buy a $6 million condo in Brooklyn, get a Tesla Model S. The lives of the rich are so hard… (Gas2)

Looks like Tesla is working on a gigafactory site in Nevada already… looks like it. (Teslamondo)

Have a Model S and want an LED light behind the T? Of course you do… (Gas2)

Is Tesla being complacent with the Model X? Or is it getting ready to blow our minds? (Teslarati)

Walking around with so much Tesla knowledge in your head, you probably think everyone has heard of Tesla. Not so much… (Teslamondo)

If you have a Tesla Model S and have been curious about the red brake caliper covers from EVannex, Teslarati has a review for you. (Teslarati)

Another thing they reviewed recently was the Tesla Model S Subzero Weather package. (Teslarati)

And one more review… EVannex ‘HookUp’ — Tesla Model S coat hooks. (Teslarati)

Tesla is a vet-hiring machine. (Gas2)

To wrap up, watch this electric Miata race a Tesla Model S. (Gas2)

Any more Tesla stories we missed?

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