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Published on July 24th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


California City First To Get 2nd-Generation Proterra Electric Bus

July 24th, 2014 by  


Are electric buses the public transit path to the future? Proterra thinks so, and so does the Foothill Transit Authority of West Covina, California. They became the first transit system in the country to offer revenue-based service of a Proterra electric bus in the U.S., and now the small city east of L.A. will be the first to get Proterra’s second-generation, 300+ mile electric bus, reports Green Car Congress.

With a 20.8 MPGe, the Proterra electric bus also offers the lowest cost per passenger, which has compelled the Foothill Transit Authority to purchase two of the second-generation buses, which can do about 26 miles of driving per charge, after which a fast charger tops it off. Officially rated at more than 300 miles of driving per charge day, though the first-gen buses could go more than 700 miles per day with enough recharging.

This is just the latest battle in the electric bus war, as America’s Proterra goes head-to-head against China’s BYD (which, it should be noted, is building it’s buses stateside). With the two second-generation Proterra buses to be delivered in December of this year, we will move past the first-generation of electric buses with their higher costs and shorter range.

Momentum is building in Proterra’s favor, but BYD isn’t to be dismissed either, as the Chinese automaker has gone all-in with plug-in vehicles for both personal and public transit. Which of these two companies will dominate the public transit landscape in the coming decade? 


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