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The 10 Best Tesla Vanity Plates

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If you are an owner of the Tesla Model S, studies indicate you’re something of a financial whiz with an interest in space and high-tech gadgets. There’s also a good chance you’re the owner of a clever license plate, as the Tesla crowd is constantly posting their latest and greatest vanity plates. Some are cool, some are punny, and some are just downright clever.

This is just a small sampling of the many vanity plates out there, as nearly every Tesla seems to have a customized identification marker. It’s almost like an unspoken rule among Tesla owners.

I’ve put together a compilation of my 10 favorite Tesla Model S vanity, plus a bonus find at the bottom. I’ve got my favorites, but what about you?



Watt you lookin’ at?



No gas, no problems.



This guy better visit the Tesla Museum.






We got a gamer here.



Good question.



R3VOLT against gas!



And good riddance.



Don’t tell me watt to do.



Lots and lots of ’em.

…and one more for good measure.



Hat tip to r/teslamotors, where most of these pics were first posted.

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  • EV docmaker

    I have an issue with the CIYA OPEC plate…CANADA is not part of OPEC and 70% of the imported oil into the USA is TAR SANDS oil and that is ten to twenty times more dirty than Gulf Oil. Plus it is wasting massive amounts of North America’s water supply. OPEC has nothing to do with that. Sounds like the owner see Foreign Oil as an Arab in a head-dress thing when he should realise its a cowboys and rednecks in Alberta thing !

    • Bob_Wallace

      Please avoid the use of all-caps shouting.

      Research has found that if knuckle-draggers are required to abstain from shouting they get disoriented and forget the talking points someone gave them to post. And, you’ll understand, we need to apply the same standards to all.

      You can use emblodening for emphasis.

      • spec9

        All caps is when you use all capital letters. ONE word is just emphasis.

      • EV docmaker

        Nouns in capitals is not shouting…it is emphasis.

        • Bob_Wallace

          You start a site, you get to make the rules.

          Now you know the rules here.

      • How does one *embolden* their posts?

        • Jouni Valkonen

          use simple html -tags. and (without spaces)

          • Thanks! Now, I just have to remember where this works and where it doesn’t.

            And, I thing the term is italics?

          • Bob_Wallace


        • Bob_Wallace

          Use with strong between before the part to emphasize and with /strong between after.

          You should get this.

    • spec9

      OPEC still helps Canadian oil though by reducing supply just like Union workers help raise the wages of non union workers.

    • All the more reason to say “see ya”!

    • Jouni Valkonen

      Actually OPEC has plenty to do with Canadian Tar Sands, because due to OPEC cartel and limiting of oil supply, the oil price is unnaturally high. The global average production cost of oil is only 25 dollars per barrel but due to OPEC cartel and limiting of oil production, the market price of oil is closer to 100 dollars. Due to unnaturally high cost of oil, the tar sands are profitable.

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