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@TeslaRoadTrip — “Supercharging Across America” To TMC Connect Event

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By Lanny Hartmann

For a car that has only been around for a few years, the Tesla Model S has formed a large and dedicated community of owners and fans. The Tesla Motors Club has a thriving online forum of devotees of the luxury electric sedan. The community is, for the most part, a virtual one with members all over the world. On July 18-20, hundreds of the Tesla faithful are meeting in the flesh in Monterrey, California at the club’s second annual gathering called TMC Connect.


Tesla pounded the proverbial golden spike into their coast-to-coast Supercharger route earlier this year. With that “electric highway” established, many Tesla owners are taking the opportunity to drive their Model S to the conference. The uniquely configured cars have free charging for life at all Tesla Supercharger sites so “fuel” for the summer excursion essentially costs nothing. The most notable among those driving to the Monterrey gathering is a group called @TeslaRoadTrip. 

You may remember the @TeslaRoadTrip for its spontaneous formation to re-enact a New York Times reporter’s test drive that he claimed had left him stranded between charging stations two winters ago. The group successfully completed that trip from DC to Connecticut while telemetry from their connected cars and good-natured gibes filled their Twitter stream.

The group is calling their cross-country adventure, “Supercharging Across America” and at least six cars will leave from the East Coast this week to drive over 3,600 miles to the California event. Many other Tesla owners will meet the group when they stop at Supercharger sites along the way, some to give them a “high-five” and others to join the convoy. By the time the @TeslaRoadTrip caravan reaches California, they will have over a dozen of the all-electric cars and 25 people aboard. A fellow member of the Tesla Motors Club will be throwing a private party for the road trippers when they arrive in northern California the night before the conference.

Follow their progress on Twitter @TeslaRoadTrip or at 

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