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$63.6 Billion Global Clean Energy Investment For Q2 2014

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Bloomberg New Energy Finance has released some promising numbers regarding clean energy investments around the world.  $63.6 billion was invested in the second quarter of 2014, which was an improvement of 33% over the first quarter of 2014. It was also a 9% improvement over the second quarter for 2013. The record was $78 billion in the second quarter of 2011.

Negev solar

The 600 MW Gemini offshore wind farm near the coast of the Netherlands was the largest single deal at $3.8 billion. Israel’s 121 MW Ashalim I Sun Negev solar thermal project came in at $818 million.  Mexico’s 252MW Cemex Ventika wind farm was a $647 million deal.

The following three countries were investment leaders:

  • China, $19.3 billion
  • Europe, $14 billion
  • US, $10.6 billion

The new investment upswing is broad-based, with activity rising across wind and solar, large-scale and small-scale projects, and covering most of the big markets. Even venture capital and private equity, which have been depressed in prior quarters, have seen the green shoots of recovery in deal volume.

We are expecting the full year figures for 2014 to show a clear rebound in global investment in clean energy. The debt-and-policy-fuelled bubble years of 2007-2010 were inevitably going to be followed by a period of consolidation; that period now definitely looks to be over and the industry is gathering momentum once again. –BNEF Advisory Board Chairman Liebreich.

Small-scale solar financing increased 41% over the second quarter of 2013. Solar parks, wind farms and small hydro dams were the top asset class, with financing of just over $38 billion. Venture capital and private equity investment increased 42% over the second quarter of 2014. The increase over the second quarter in 2013 was 36%.

That China is investing billions more than the United States is disappointing, considering that the US has historically been a leader in technological innovation. Of course, it isn’t only China: Europe is well outpacing the US, too. The US has been in a leadership position in many key fields, but it doesn’t seem clean energy is going to be one of them for some time.

Energy investment is for the long-term and since fossil fuels don’t seem to be the direction to continue pursuing, it makes more sense to keep investing in clean sources.

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  • JamesWimberley

    “That China is investing billions more than the United States is disappointing ..” Why? China has three times the population of the USA, and emits more CO2. Unlike the USA it still has a rapidly growing demand for energy and especially electricity. The future of the world depends on Chinese energy policy more than the USA’s. I welcome Chinese “leadership” here.

    • jeffhre

      “The USA is the fat guy in the Mad Hatter costume.” Well, here in California, we have yet to let the real mad hatter dump carbon trading…yet!

    • No way

      The US has the second largest emissions in the world by an enormous margin. We are pretty much dependent on the US making big changes too. Especially if the country used it’s influence and bullying of other countries too for something good for a change. The US is still so much richer than China that puting down half the money China is investing in clean energy would be so easy.
      And there is a race, there is no need to get leverage over others for it to be a race. But just like in an olympic race or a race to the moon it feels good to be number one.
      And there is a psychological reason for calling it a race when trying to involve the US since they respond better to competition and trying to be number one (even though it’s only a percieved number one within the country with no factual base) than doing what’s right.
      The US can easily be a leader, if not the leader if the right effort is put into it.

  • Steve Grinwis

    How is ‘Europe’ a country??

    • No way

      Welcome to America (which is really a continent and not a country :P)), the “land” of the free (from education, safety and health).

  • US may be losing the clean energy race, but U. S. of A., aka Real America, always places at or near the top in major NASCAR races: Sprint, Nationwide and World Camping Truck. In the list of ferreners below, not a one from any commie country.

    Open tire racing not included.

    • Offgridman

      Ah yes let’s continue celebrating the burning of fossil fuels for the entertainment of the masses. Such a wonderful thing for the US to be first in rather than conserving this limited resource for plastics, medicines, fertilizer, and etc.
      Perhaps you should keep your fingers crossed that our tech can keep up so we can give as good a showing in the all electric formula one races in twenty years when there isn’t enough oil left to waste in cars.
      If we don’t get our politicians changed out so that we can at least keep up much less win in the clean energy race the US will be in such sad shape that there will be no financing for your favorite form of entertainment.

      • No way

        Less than two months until the first Formula E race 🙂 I wish I had time to see the Beijing race. But I will probably wait until the first European races in 2015.

        • jeffhre

          Motor sport doesn’t make all that much of a difference in the grand scheme of polluting things…However, my son and I will be front row at the initial Formula E, September 12 I believe!

      • Settle down Frances. It was a joke.

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