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Nearly 5,400 BMW i3 EVs Sold So Far In 2014

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BMW i3 sideThe BMW i3 represents that Bavarian’s brands first attempt to move into the “affordable” EV market, and they’ve done so with a car built from the ground-up to be electric. It’s little wonder then that BMW i3 sales have been solid enough to help push the brand past 1 million units sold in the first half of 2014. BMW sold a total of 1,020,211 vehicles through June of this year.

It’s the first time BMW has sold a million cars in the first six months of the year, bringing the brand to new heights in terms of global sales. And while just 5,396 BMW i3 EVs were sold this year, that’s BMW still has thousands of backorders to work through for the cutting-edge electric car. June was the best month yet for i3 sales, with over 1,200 EVs finding new homes. While it isn’t ready to rival the Nissan LEAF or Tesla Model S for global sales dominance yet, it’s well on its way to leaving a mark.

It shows that even at this early date, the i3 has the potential to become a serious sales contender in the BMW brand, and early reviews have heaped praised on the German EV. Europe led the way with overall sales, with Asia and North America helped push sales past the 1 million unit mark.

With an EPA-rated 81 miles of driving range (or 72 miles with the optional range extender, plus another 78 miles on gas), the i3 managed to land an impressed 124 MPGe, making it amongst the most efficient electric cars on the market. While its $42,000 MSRP may seem intimidating, factor in the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit and any applicable state incentives, and the cost comes down substantially. Anybody waiting for an i3 of their own?

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  • Me

    Why do so many EVs have to be UGLY?!?! Why couldn’t they just make a 1 series electric ?!?!? I wouldn’t buy that car at ANY price!

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  • Gus Escher

    Correction: The i3 is NOT an EV; it is a PHEV. Two different worlds…

    • skalawa

      Correction: unless you opt for the range extender version of the i3, then the i3 is an EV. The range extender acts the same as the volt(PHEV) and others who went that route but the i3 base is an EV.. It’s in the EV world…

      • Gus Escher

        Thanks, skalawa. I missed that.

  • Cemonavis

    One should also consider that this car will not burn $2000 of gas per year. This also considerably reduces the cost of the vehicule over lifetime.

    • Ronald Brakels

      A german private car might typically do 12,000 kilometers a year and an internal combustion BMW gets about 10 kilometes a liter and with current German prices would go through about $2,600 US in gasoline a year.

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