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Published on July 7th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


You No Longer Need To Own A Car To Have A Car

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zipcar-campusCar sharing services like ZipCar and Car2Go are changing the way people think about car ownership. No longer do you have to actually own a car to have access to one, and it’s changing the dynamic of city life especially.

Over at the California Planning and Development Report, William Fulton discusses his car free lifestyle, and how it’s actually more convenient than actually owning a car. That’s because Fulton lives in San Diego, where car sharing has become a way of life, and as a member of both ZipCar and Car2Go, he has access to eight different vehicles are any given time…some of them actually closer to his apartment elevator than his two perpetually-empty parking spots!

Fulton’s point is simple; even though he doesn’t have his own car, he actually has more cars than he knows what to do with…and that’s not even counting the number of Uber X cars circling his block at any given time. This doesn’t even factor in the availability of the number of public transit options in a place like San Diego that Fulton has access to. By not owning a car, Fulton is easily saving himself $10,000 a year or more, which should help him pay for California’s skyrocketing rental rates.

His piece is just a small slice of of an ongoing transportation revolution in traditional urban areas that are making the concepts of car ownership obsolete. Even for a gearhead myself, the idea of having access to a plethora of transportation options is mighty tempting, and it doesn’t appear as though Fulton has sacrificed any sort of mobility for his car-free lifestyle.

Do you have a car-free life? Do you wish you did? Sound off in the comments below.

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