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Angry Chinese Customer Smashes Tesla Model S In Protest

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Smashed Tesla Windshield

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The Wall Street Journal reports that an angry Chinese customer named Yu Xinquan took a wrench and smashed the windshield of his brand new Tesla Model S just minutes after taking delivery of the car. Why? To protest how long it took him to get his Tesla.

Tesla has been experiencing delays as it begins sales in China, and Mr. Yu wanted to be one of the first people in his country to take delivery. But when that didn’t happen, he became enraged and started publicly calling out Tesla. Even a personal meeting with Tesla CEO Elon Musk did not calm his concerns.

His reasoning is sound in a sense, as only one person will ever be able to claim that he was the first ever Tesla customer in China. Mr. Yu’s chance to be that person is gone for all eternity. What could possibly assuage such an insult?

The answer, apparently, is to become the first person to drive a Tesla in China with a smashed windshield. Mr. Yu had just paid the equivalent of $173,600 for his Tesla Model S when he decided to take a wrench to the windshield, proving once again that there is no correlation between money and brains.

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  • What a moron…

    • Bob_Wallace

      You spelled that incorrectly…


  • Michel Dupont

    it’s called the EGO

  • IMPOed

    Well I suppose if you have the money to buy it, you have the money to fix it,,??
    Doesn’t sound like he wanted it to begin with, just to be the first to get one,, are you sure he wasn’t an American?

  • José DeSouza

    You′ve come a long way, eh baby? (That is, from the olden days of the Cultural Revolution, under comrade Mao′s ‟auspices″…).


    I like it when the nouveau riche have melodramatic attempts at style. It was a Moliere moment.

  • Ross

    Spoiled brat.

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