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EV Buyers In Canada Getting Big Incentives

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ev-parade-2While electric car sales are steadily rising here in the U.S., in the colder climate of Canada, buyers have been slow to warm up to EVs. That could all change with a new round of incentives that in some areas of Canada will chop over $11,000 off the price of an electric car.

The incentives are both private and publicly funded, with the Globe and Mail reporting that Daimler’s Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is currently benefitting from a $3,000 dealership rebate. which can be combined with an $8,000 tax rebate from the province of Ontario. That’s more than one-third of the cost of the Smart EV, which retails at $29,900.

Meanwhile EV industry supporters are teaming up to spread charging technology. Evatran is working with Mr. Electric to distribute their wireless charging systems which are compatible with cars like the Nissan Leaf throughout the frozen north. These are some pretty hefty incentives for EV drivers, but there are still concerns regarding range anxiety in a country that spends most of the year wearing winter clothing.

Can big cash incentives make EVs work in the Great White North?

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  • Steve Grinwis

    This article is filled with inaccuracies.

    I just bought a Smart ForTwo Electric Drive two weeks ago.

    The government rebate is $8500, the dealer incentives are $3000, and the MSRP is $26,990 for the coupe. The Cabriolet is $29,990.

    This makes the price $15,490 + tax. (Not quite, since the government rebate is applied post-tax, not pre-tax, but close enough).

    For comparison, the Chevrolet Cruze, a cheap locally made gas burner is $15,282.

    At this point, people who can get away with a two person electric super commuter are spending more money to NOT own an electric car. I’m saving almost $300 / month. Or I was, that was when gas was at $1.30 / L, not $1.40 / L that we’re seeing now.

    Also not mentioned is the 50% rebate on level 2 chargers offered in Ontario.


    • RamboSTiTCH

      Long distance fist bump!

      • Steve Grinwis

        *Fist Bump*

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