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Tesla Gets First Service Station Approved In New Jersey

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tesla-store-texasAfter a surprise backstab by the State of New Jersey, Tesla Motors seems to be winning hearts and minds in the Garden State. GM-Volt reports that last Thursday, the Paramus, New Jersey Zoning Board of Adjustment approved a 27,000 square-foot Tesla service center and store, despite an ongoing battle between Tesla and state officials.

In March, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission prohibited the building of such facilities after a strong effort by the local dealership lobby. Tesla currently has two stores in the state reduced to “gallery” status, meaning they can’t sell any cars until the situation with the state is resolved. However, the Paramus location would put over 800 Model S owners within 25 miles of the nearest service station, as well as the nearby Supercharging station along I-95.

New Jersey is a popular place for the Model S, and already popular opinion is on Tesla’s side. The state legislature recently passed a bill 77-0 that would allow Tesla to sell its vehicles directly, though the state senate and Governor Chris Christie still have to sign the bill into law.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but it seems like Tesla is well on its way to winning back New Jersey.

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