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A Few Patents For The Tesla Model X Falcon-Wing Doors

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model-x-patentIn a note to Tesla Model X reservation holders last week, CEO Elon Musk assured them that the electric SUV was on its way, and with the much ballyhooed falcon-wing doors. To get those doors to work took a lot of technical know-how though, and several patents as well.

For the engineering types out there, we’ve got some patent porn courtesy of Teslamondo for you, showing all the challenges Tesla had to overcome with the falcon-wing doors.

Musk has said he wants the opening of the Model X rear doors to be an experience that takes your breath away, perhaps one of the reasons why the electric SUV has been twice delayed. For one, the falcon-wing doors require dual hinges, as well as a somewhat complicated control system to ensure they close smoothly and without taking your head off. There are also probably several redundancies worked into the door, should the power cut out or some such thing.

Anyways, its patent stuff, which means other automakers are now free to use it for…whatever. Will we see another brand embrace Tesla’s patented door idea?


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  • Johnny Obvious

    Your links are shite – they don’t go where you think they go.

  • BlackTalon53 .

    How many millions of dollars and months of delays has the development of those doors cost already??? No one really cares about whether they are “falcon” doors or plain old normal doors, I just want to get in and out of the vehicle. And I have to do that only once each per drive.

  • vperl

    Batwipe, OCD people are funny stupid, and lack the ability to realizes they are flawed mentally. Keep your OCD going, it is a laugh.

  • jdavies

    huh, I assumed that the open invite to their patents was referring specifically to their EV stuff, drive-train, battery, etc. I wouldn’t have thought they’d have meant it to include non-EV patents like their fancy doors that they’ve been working so hard on.

    The idea was to open up the patents to encourage other auto makers to get in on the EV action, not to let them use their unique design ideas… ?

  • JamesWimberley

    The Mercedes 300SL had gull-wing doors and it was introduced in 1954 – before most readers of this blog were born. The fact that late models dropped the idea suggests that it is more Y-chromosome sexy then practical.

    • No way

      Thankfully Tesla aren’t using gull-wing doors. 🙂

    • It may work perfectly, it may be smoother than butter, and it may even be the greatest nontraditional car door design in all of automotive history. BUT…

      …the driver’s door is still pretty normal.

      • canady@hotmaik

        Matt, right the driver door is small because that is not where your kids go back and forth, or passengers, etc.
        I suspect this X will be the best selling car for middle class families. Once people see the comfort and see the show those will offer, it will be insane.

    • Red Sage

      Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive…?

    • canady@hotmaik

      James, trust me, these doors at the Model X are not the same non practical doors the Benz or more recently the i8 has deployed. I suspect this will be a major success.

  • Chalupa Batmann

    breath, not breathe.

    -Grammar Nazi out!

    • Bob_Wallace

      I thought it was the Spelling Mommy…

      (I’m a terrible speller and porr proofreader. Feel free to correct)

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