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Mercedes B-Class Electric Online Configurator Now Available

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EV Obsession


With production on the way and the first deliveries set to begin soon, the online configurator for the Mercedes B-Class Electric has opened up. Among the many pricey options are a few interesting features, including a “Temporary Range Extender.” Huh?

A part of the $600 Range Package, the Temporary Range Extender allows the Mercedes B-Class Electric to be charged a little more than usual, resulting in an extra 17 miles of range. Mercedes says this feature should only be used sparingly, as it can reduce the lifespan of the battery pack. Add that to the EPA-rated 87 miles of driving range, and you’ve got an EV capable of traveling 104 miles per charge. That’s because of the 28 kWh battery pack, 8 kWh is sectioned off in reserve, not to be used except by the temporary range extender. It’s frankly a must-have option on the B-Class, even if you only use it every now and then.

Other options include $1,700 for leather seats and $3,000 for the Premium Package, which includes bi-xenon lights, heated seats, a premium sound system, and also forces you to select the $2,370 Multimedia Package.

And suddenly you’re starring at a $50,000 electric vehicle. I guess Tesla kept its promise after all. It did build the Mercedes electric drivetrain, after all.

Source: EV Obsession. Reproduced with permission.

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