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Kia Soul EV Way Cleaner Than The Diesel Model

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kia-soul-ev-1The Kia Soul EV is a big deal for the Korean automaker, and the environment. Over a lifetime of operation, the Kia Soul EV is much cleaner than the diesel-powered version it is compared to.

In places like Europe, diesel engines are popular for their fuel economy and torque, and like most automakers, Kia offers numerous diesel engines for European customers. But when it comes to low emissions, nothing beats an electric vehicles. This is doubly so for the Kia Soul EV, which accord to German technical inspection group TUV Nord, has 40% lower “Global Warming Potential” than the diesel-powered Kia Soul.

This analysis factors in every aspect of the Soul EV and Soul diesel, from production to materials used to actual vehicle emissions. Kia hopes to sell about 5,000 Soul EVs annually, with the electric box-on-wheels coming to U.S. dealerships later this year. Pricing should be around $39,000, about par for course, though it remains to be seen if this funky electric cube can capture the attention of Gen Y buyers.

Production of the Soul EV began last month, and will hit U.S. shares later this year.


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  • Offgridmanpolktn

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the 100+ miles of highway range and fast charge upgrade stories are true. Finally an EV that will work for us….. well with one more requirement, it will have to maintain the interior cabin space of last year’s gas models. At 6’5″ it isn’t even possible to sit comfortably in half of the EV city cars for the distance their little batteries will take them.

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