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Published on June 26th, 2014 | by Jo Borrás

2015 Toyota FCV Hydrogen Production Version Revealed

June 26th, 2014 by  

Editor’s Note: Fuel cell vehicles have very slickly been added to the realm of “clean” tech. If you haven’t checked out Julian Cox’s articles demonstrating how dirty fuel cell vehicles actually are, I highly recommend them: Time To Come Clean About Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and Severe Issues with Fuel Cell Vehicle GHG Emissions Claims and Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure Grants. It’s also important to note that these vehicles are bloody expensive and don’t even offer the huge fuel savings that battery-electric vehicles offer. The head of Barcelona’s transit agency, which has been key in hydrogen fuel cell testing and a European hydrogen fuel cell consortium, told me that hydrogen fuel cell buses cost about 12x more than conventional buses, while the battery-electric BYD bus they were testing seemed to cost about the same as conventional buses on a lifetime cost basis. The same trend is seen in passenger cars except that the low-production-volume cars being put out by Honda and Toyota have their selling prices heavily subsidized by the misguided compliance-car automakers. With that background in mind, here’s news about Toyota’s coming fuel cell car:

The car you see here is, in fact, the new for 2015 Toyota FCV hydrogen fuel cell car. It’s Toyota’s answer to Honda’s FCX Clarity/FCEV and Hyundai’s fuel-cell Tucson, and it looks so much like the FCV concept car from the last Tokyo Auto Show that you’d be forgiven if, like me, you initially thought that’s what you were looking at!

Though interior photos of the 2015 Toyota FCV haven’t yet been shown, the car is expected to maintain the same 4-seat layout as the concept version. That would mean the FCV would join the current Chevy Volt in making a terrible mistake the 4-passenger club. In addition to playing the interior close to its chest, Toyota hasn’t divulged many technical specs for the FCV, but did state an operating range of around 700 km (about 435 miles on the Japanese/JC08 cycle), which seems pretty solid to me — especially with a refueling time that’s claimed to be in the three minute range.

So, while details remain pretty sparse, one thing we can share with you is the new Toyota FCV’s price tag: just under 7 million yen, or about $69,000 once the car hits US shores in late 2015 (possibly as a 2016 model, just in time to do battle with GM’s next-gen 2016 Chevy Volt).


Source | Images: Toyota, via Paul Tan.

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