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California Publishes Results Of EV Survey

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carb-ev-studyWithout a doubt, California is the hub of America’s new found love of the electric car. More EVs are sold in the Golden State than the rest of the country combined, though the love of electric cars has been spreading eastward rapidly.

California wants to get even more EVs on the roads though, and to do that they need more information. Green Car Congress reports that the California Air Resource Board (CARB) has put the results of its EV Driver Dashboard survey on its website for policy makers and EV advocates to access.

The data asked buyers of EVs from 2012 and up a number of questions regarding why they bought their electric or hybrid vehicle, what their demographic was, and how aware they were of special programs and rebates offered by the state and power companies. The results can be filtered in a variety of ways that lets advocates for electric vehicles make their points more effectively.

Among the findings is that state tax rebates and incentives factor heavily into the purchase of green cars for many users, and the Federal tax rebate has undoubtedly had a profound effect on EV sales. Of course we could have told you that, and so could Norway, which has seen EVs rocket to the top of the monthly sales charts. But after they get the EVs, these owners continue to enjoy massive fuel savings, with 37% saying that was the most important factor in their purchase. Surprisingly, only about 21% of respondents were in it for the environmental benefits, reinforcing the notion that cash speaks louder than preachy environmentalism.

Make it about green in every sense of the word, and people will flock to fuel efficient cars.

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  • Kyle Field

    I’m surprised none of the top metrics relate to the reduced cost of driving due to lower fuel cost, low to no maintenance, etc. That has been a huge factor for those who I have talked with about getting one.

    • Doug

      I was a participant in this survey. My recollection was that the questions asked were very limited.

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