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15-Second Ultrafast Charging For

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Editor’s Note: The issue of how best to propel the electric bus revolution is an interesting one. BYD’s electric bus was made to compete with conventional buses on existing metrics and standards set by those conventional buses. It’s already cost-competitive on a lifecycle cost basis. However, innovative ideas such as wireless charging and ultrafast charging are other approaches to big battery packs with long range. Here’s another article about that last idea:

Video: TOSA Electric Bus Recharges In Just 15 Seconds (via Gas 2.0)

Mass transit systems stand to benefit the most from the electrification of vehicles, with electric buses in particular appealing to transit authorities. In Switzerland, the new TOSA electric bus system has begun testing with a unique fast-charging system…

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  • JamesWimberley

    Very un-Swiss of the Genevois (GDP per head “over $110,000” – S &P) to go for the cheap kludge.

    • No way

      Being rich is not so much about earning money as it is about how you spend it 😉

    • Ronald Brakels

      Well it seems like a more efficient solution to me, as lighter, small battery buses require less energy to move making them more agile with the disadvantage of being unable to stray far from their charging stations. Not as clumsy or random as a big battery bus, an elegant bus system for a more civilized location. However, many places aren’t quite as organised as Switzerland, so big battery buses that directly replace diesel buses will probably be the norm.

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