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Published on June 19th, 2014 | by Christopher DeMorro


Toyota Researching Solid State Batteries As Next Step For EVs

June 19th, 2014 by  


While Toyota might be betting big on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, they haven’t ceased their research into electric car batteries either. In the long term, Toyota sees lithium-air batteries as the solution to EV range anxiety, but in the interim, solid-state lithium-ion batteries could be a stepping stone towards longer-range batteries.

Charged EVs reports that Toyota has already developed a prototype solid-state battery with an energy density of 400 Wh/L, which is less than half the density of lithium-air batteries, but still better than current lithium-ion batteries. Solid-state batteries also do away with the liquid chemical solution batteries currently rely on, replacing them with a solid electrolyte between the cathode and anode.

The design also allows for battery packs that eliminate the space between individual cells, packing more power into a smaller package. These solid state batteries are also supposed to have a longer lifespan, which means less concern about the longevity of electric drivetrains.

So far though, Toyota has only installed a solid-state lithium-ion battery on an electric scooter, though they say by 2020 these batteries could be ready for the road. Meanwhile, lithium-air batteries are might not be ready until 2030 or later, making this a natural stepping stone between two emergent technologies. 

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