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Google Hosts Experience Electric Event For Employees

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Consistently ranked as one of the best places in America to work, being a Google employee comes with all sorts of amazing perks. This includes a large swath of free EV charging stations, as many Googlers have been happy to get on board the electric car hype train.

But there’s always more to be done. Last month, Google hosted twelve electric vehicle makers at its campus as part of the Experience Electric program, put on by Plug-in America, to give employees a taste of the future of mobile transportation. Among the vehicles this variety of automakers brought to the Google campus were;

  • BMW’s i3
  • Cadillac’s ELR
  • Porsche’s Panamera Plug-In Hybrid
  • Fiat’s 500e
  • Nissan’s LEAF
  • Chevy’s Spark EV
  • Ford’s CMAX Energi and Fusion Energi
  • All-electric motorcycles from Brammo and Zero Motorcycles
  • Electric scooters from Mahindra and Current Motor

Oddly enough, California’s own Tesla Motors was missing from this lineup, which you would figure to be a natural fit for the search engine giant. Google claims to have installed more than 750 EV charging stations at its Mountain View campus and 11 other Google facilities though, and the recent reveal of the autonomous Google Car indicates to us that Google is making a big play in the automotive market, especially with the rise of EVs.

Still can’t figure out why Tesla wasn’t there though…


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