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Chevy Volts Pass Half A Billion Electric Miles

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Editor’s Note: Following up on Matthew’s article from the other day, news is that GM Chevy Volts have now passed half a billion electric miles, quite impressive.

Chevy Volt Owners Have Driven A Half-Billion Electric Miles (via Gas 2.0)

Though it can only go about 35 miles on electricity alone, Chevy Volt owners routinely go weeks, or even months between visits to the gas station. GM has crunched the numbers, and found that since 2010, Chevy Volt owners have driven a culmative half…

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  • tmac1

    Interesting! I did my part in last 2 years 15,000 electric, and I just had calculated 64% electric! close to the average cited in the article. Love the Volt.

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