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MyEV Electric Car Data Logger Gives You All Da Data

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If you’re an EV enthusiast, chances are you self-identify as a nerd. And what do nerds like? Data points, lots and lots of data points. Automakers know this, and have bombarded would-be EV owners with hundreds of data points, from kilowatt-hours to MPGe and a whole slew of other acronyms. But for a true nerd, there’s never enough data.

MyEV, by MyCarma, has launched an electric car data logger and smartphone app that gives users access to way, way more data. After all, an electric car is basically a giant laptop on wheels, right?


The MyEV team has turned to IndieGoGo to raise money for an app that they say helps make driving efficiently feel more fun. For example, the “Last Trip” summary gives you an energy readout on your most recent ride, compared to your lifetime average. The obvious goal is to stay above that average, and gradually bring it higher and higher. Backs of the MyEV app also get a special QR code that lets other community members electronically “fist bump” them, or ask (in a way that maintains privacy) if they can unplug the other member from a charging station.

There’s even more features, but you’ll have to rack up EV miles to unlock them. That’s where the “team” feature comes in, linking groups of up to 20 EV drivers in the area into a team that collectively adds miles to the counter. You can compete against other teams in the area for most electric miles driven and highest overall efficiency.

Sound like something you want to be a part of? For $119 you can be an Early Bird Backer and get both the data logger and app for your smartphone as soon as its available.

It’s all about the data points baby.

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  • jstack6

    How do you make the DB2 port work when every data port if different. The SCAN GAUGE has trouble since every car and even years change?

  • JamesDLarsen

    You can compete against other teams in the area for most electric miles driven and highest overall efficiency.

    • Sunny Trochaniak

      haha that’s awesome!

      • Guest

        except no red turtle shells with our app 😉

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