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Car Clubs In Scotland Get Funding For EVs, Hybrids

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Nestled in the north of the United Kingdom, Scotland may be a small country, but it has big green ambitions. Back in 2012, the tiny nation generated 40% of its electricity from renewable sources, and that percentage has only gone up.

Next up for Scotland is encouraging electric vehicle adoption for the masses. Transport Scotland has allocated about $1.7 million to add electric vehicles to car-sharing clubs to encourage EV ownership. Scottish officials hope this increased exposure to EVs will lead to more buyers of electric vehicles. At the very least, it should help dispel some of the many myths car owners have about EVs.

As it stands, just 4% of car club fleets are made up of EVs, with another 10% of the cars being of the hybrid variety. The funding is expected to add another 30 EVs to various car sharing endeavors, which help remove cars from the road, reducing both emissions and congestion. Scotland’s support of green transportation doesn’t stop there though, and despite being a small country, Scotland already has 900 charging stations spread out across the country, with another 300 ready to install.

Lots of money for EVs, and lots of places to charge them; sounds like Scotland is taking a page from Norway’s EV playbook.

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